Scammers in the makers area??

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I was looking at what other makers were doing and noticed 4 or 5 scammers entering ads, address, phone numbers for their "airport transfers" and "airport car rental" and so on, in duplicate entries, even, like they were todos... Hey @producthunt, we'll need a "report scammer" button in the "Todo" dashboard soon before this gets out of control because it doesn't make me want to go cheers other makers todos when I see all this crap on my way. Maybe it's only me...


Dan Edwards
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@headbike thanks for highlighting, we’re currently working on improved spam detection 🙏 I am removing these users as we speak, sadly as with anything that gets popular, people find new ways to spam. Just as a note, I’m going to hide this discussion from the feed, just to ensure we’re not bringing additional attention to it. But thank you again, and I’ll keep this thread live and share with the team. Have a great day 🙌
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@de fantastic! :-)
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You can check scam here: