💥 10 powerful lessons to write cold emails (and be effective)

Jakub Piskor
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Hi Product Hunters, 👋🏼 Here are 10 powerful lessons distilled from my favorite cold email guides and courses. Let’s dive in! 👇🏼 1) Know your audience Research your recipient before you start writing. It will be easier to write for you, and your cold emailing ROI will improve. 2) Know what sets you apart Use value propositions of your product/startup in your email. Differentiate yourself from the crowd, be unique. 3) Deliver a promise Always deliver in your email what you promise in the subject line. If you don’t, you’re going to get good open rates but no responses. 4) The most important sentence is the first sentence The sole purpose of the first sentence in an advertisement is to get you to read the second sentence. That’s fundamental when it comes to cold emailing. 5) Choose your sender Be personal. Don’t hide under the company's name. Choose your “from” field as personally as possible. For example First name-Last name (Jakub Piskor), First name-company name (Jakub from Entrepreneur List) 6) Use cliffhangers in your email Used in literature and cinema, cliffhangers keep the reader or viewer interested. They will help you to keep the reader reading until the very end. 7) Keep it short Experts recommend writing cold emails 4-6 sentences (50-125 words) long. Nobody wants to read 10+ paragraphs email. Keep it short and simple. 8) Include one CTA What’s the next step you want your recipient to take after reading your email? It can be scheduling a call or online demo, activating a free trial, connect with the recipient. Include only this one CTA. More CTAs and your message will be a total mess. 9) Follow up Don’t be spammy but first “no” means nothing. Politely and with respect, follow up on your first email. If the recipient won’t answer after 3-4 emails are sent, you should stop. That clearly means that he/she isn’t interested in your proposal. 10) Optimize your email deliverability Verify (and clean) the email list before sending your emails. If you do it, you increase your email reputation and the chances that your email ends up in the recipient’s inbox. --- Hope you enjoyed reading this and found valuable ideas. :) If so, you can discover more cold email guides here: entrepreneurlist.io/cold-email-guide


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