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September 13th, 2017

YouTube TV

YouTube takes on the cable TV providers

Willie Morris- Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
I really enjoy the live tab and the interaction when you scroll on the iOS app. This is the app I've been playing with most recently :)
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
YouTube has some good documentaries, but they're difficult to find amongst all the noise.
Jared Schaffer- Founder/Product, The Tribe 🕴 Dallas, TX
Unlimited DVR, $35/mo includes 6 accounts, decent channel lineup. Really well designed for a Google app.
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Softorino YouTube Converter

Download YouTube video & audio. Watch and listen offline

Ben Lang- Spoke
Specifically for Youtube this tool is great. Usually for facebook, vine etc I look for separate services.
Expert Reviews
The legality of downloading Youtube videos is something of a grey area, and could possibly land you with a slap on the wrist from Google if you're not careful. In Youtube's T&Cs, it clearly states that you are permitted to view YouTube video only through Google's own website and apps and you are not permitted to view YouTube videos offline on any device thro… See more
The Best YouTube Downloader for Windows Entertainment * June 5, 2017 YouTube is the number one stop for online videos. Whether you have an unreliable internet connection or simply want to watch YouTube videos without suffering through irritating ads, you
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YouTube Red

Google's new ad-free, premium subscription video service

Joseph Wood- Social Media Coordinator
My wife and I watch a ton of shows on YouTube including some people with cystic fibrosis (our son has CF). This was a no brainer. We don't have cable and can justify this based on the amount of time we spend in YouTube. Plus it comes with Google Music which I don't use, but it's nice to know it's there. Audio in the background on iOS and ability to save vide… See more
Willie Morris- Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
I really enjoy the ad-free YouTube experience and being able to download videos to take on the subway. I always fall asleep during SNL, so I just watch it ad-free the next day :)
Vanessa Colina- UX Designer and Illustrator
I started the subscription to get the offline video feature and background playback, now I can see how I appreciate not having ads on my videos. Those are my top features to keep the subscription.
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Download videos from YouTube and other sites

Pixel21, LLC- Pixel21, LLC
This is the best way to do it. You can extract just audio, download entire playlist etc. If you're on a mac and using homebrew just follow this steps and you are golden. brew install youtube-dl brew install libvpx brew install ffmpeg (to convert videos to mp4 etc) and then run this command to download the video or playlist into mp4 format youtube-dl -f mp4… See more
Amaël Sikel- Aspiring Android developer
If you're not afraid of the CLI, this is by far the best option.
Arun Sathiya- Happiness Engineer, Automattic
I use youtube-dl. Works like a charm.
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YouTube Messenger

YouTube in-app video sharing and messaging

YouTube today is launching a new sharing feature in its mobile app, previously in testing with users in select markets. The feature allows YouTube users to send their friends videos and chat from within a new tab in the mobile app - effectively turning YouTube into a mobile messenger of sorts.
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YouTube to Facebook

Convert YouTube links into native Facebook video posts

Most of you love to share videos from YouTube on Facebook all the time. Some even do it consistently. You must have seen videos shared with big thumbnails using YT2FB. As YT2FB is a bit complex to use and also not mobile-optimised, people are looking for the YT2FB alternative to create large YouTube thumbnails for Facebook.
Ever shared a YouTube Video to Facebook, only to discover it didn't get many views as you hoped? It's probably because of the way it embedded in your timeline. Instead of the big, beautiful YouTube video screen that immediately draws the eye, you get this tiny little video thumbnail next to a large written title of the clip.

YTBmp3 YouTube mp3 Converter

Instant download mp3 files of YouTube videos and playlists.

Web service to instant download audio in high quality mp3 format for any publicly available YouTube™ video.

You can:

- Search videos directly on site

- Download mp3 by pasting YouTube URL

- Do Search-less & Paste-less Download

- Download the whole Playlist

- Auto select Bitrate

- Select a custom Bitrate

- Trim the Length of audio

- ID3v2 tags edit

Marija Maja Dzombic
This one has a very intuitive design.
Misho M. Petkovic- Physicist
Direct search YouTube and download playlists without waiting.
Now here comes another benefactor of the long lost Just check out this graph below the chart of popularity.. opened up probably late summer, this site has grabbed some chunk of traffic with the speed everyone should aim for... this data is for late november 2017.. Not bad, right?
La música es uno de los grandes placeres de la vida. En el trabajo o en tu hogar; durante una fiesta o para relajarte. La música es el gran aliado que siempre está con nosotros en los buenos y en los malos momentos.
不死鸟 - 分享为王
Youtube作为全球最大的视频平台,几乎能搜索到全球大部分的音乐、视频。 而很多网站提供了Youtube视频转换,可以从youtube搜索并转换为音乐格式,同时可以获取 320K/192K/128K不等的音频文件。 当然在国内是无法访问Youtube的,所以无法通过youtube链接的方式精准的下载。 这里分享的几个网站可以支持在搜索框中输入歌曲名称 或者 歌曲名称 + 歌手名称 下列网站会自动搜索Youtube中的歌曲,国内可以直接访问。 视频由不死鸟分享,如果您看到这段话说明视频已经失效,可以在来源地址处观看,精彩视频不死鸟每日经过人工筛选更新到网站,谢谢大家的支持 支持中文搜索,下载速度尚可 See more
This guide is about, how you can import your or someone else Spotify-Playlists into Self-Radio in GTA V. In diesem Guide geht es darum, wie du deine oder andere Playlists in Self-Radi
WWWhat's new? - Aplicaciones, marketing y noticias en la web
Con frecuencia os recomendamos algunas de las herramienta más interesantes a la hora de convertir vídeos de YouTube en archivos MP3. Recientemente hemos descubierto una nueva alternativa que destaca por características de lo más útiles. Hablamos de YTBmp3, una opción con buscador de canciones incorporado que nos permite descargar listas de reproducción compl… See more
O YouTube é a biblioteca de música para muita gente. Por isso, serviços online que fazem a conversão de vídeos para MP3 se tornaram tão populares. Mas eles são muitas vezes instáveis, cheios de propagandas e de pop-ups ameaçadores. O YTBmp3 é uma boa alternativa para quem esteja atrás de
Этот сервис позволяет скачивать музыку в формате mp3 без загрузки видео. Каждый может загрузить видео с YouTube, воспользовавшись одним из нескольких десятков онлайн-сервисов. Но что же делать, если вам нужно извлечь только звуковую дорожку и вы не хотите тратить время на загрузку и конвертацию видеозаписей?
Now here comes another benefactor of the long lost Just check out this graph below the chart of popularity.. opened up probably late summer, this site has grabbed some chunk of traffic with the speed everyone should aim for... this data is for late november 2017.. Not bad, right?
Svi mogu da preuzmu video sa YouTuba, koristeći neki od desetina online usluga, ali šta ako je potrebno da izvučete samo audio zapis i ne želite da gubite vrijeme za preuzimanje i konvertovanje videa? YTBmp3 vam omogućava da jdenostavno riještie ovaj problem, omogućava vam preuzimanje muzike u mp3 formatu bez skidanja video zapisa.
Clase de Música 2.0
Aunque ya conocemos varias herramientas para descargar online el audio de los vídeos de Youtube, quiero compartir esta otra aplicación que he descubierto recientemente en Twitter. Me gusta por su...
Molto spesso questo blog ha segnalato strumenti e piattaforme per convertire video di YouTube in file MP3. Tra tanti servizi a disposizione, vorrei suggerirvi oggi YTBmp3, probabilmente lo strumento che vi permette di ottenere il risultato atteso più velocemente rispetto ad altre soluzioni, con la possibilità di scaricare intere playlist.
8 Alternatives to YTBmp3 YouTube mp3 Converter
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