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September 13th, 2017

The New

Publishing platform, reinvented, open source w/ new Mac app

Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
The most comprehensive set of tools for blogs on the internet. If you have an existing domain, host it on WordPress for its easy to use CMS features. If you don't have a domain, they give you an option to publish a free blog that goes, and you're set. Lots of themes, free and paid, to customize the look of your blog too! Everything els… See more
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
WordPress' Page Builder is a quick and easy WYSIWYG editor for HTML pages. Whether you're creating new pages or editing existing ones, it's really easy to use.
Marcelo Risoli- Web app developer
I like Hugo, Jekyll, Pelican, Ghost, Medium, all for different reasons, but WordPress is still number one thanks to its community and vast array of plugins.
Matt Mullenweg- CEO, Automattic
The most exciting thing about this new framework is we'll be able to iterate on the interface much faster going forward, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for how you'd like to interact with your WordPress sites please let me know. Also the real-time updates are the coolest thing ever. :)
7 Alternatives to The New

HTML to Wordpress

Convert HTML website to WordPress theme in seconds

Henrik Harju
E’llo Product Hunters! HTML to WordPress is a powerful converter app to help website owners, developers/designer and agencies to convert their HTML websites to premium quality WordPress themes in seconds. Just upload a website into the tool and after a few seconds you’ll see a fully functional premium quality WordPress theme activated and installed on a fr… See more
5 Alternatives to HTML to Wordpress

Sublime Text Package for WordPress Customizer

Savvy tab-triggered sublime snippets for WP Customizer

Sublime Text Package for WordPress Customizer is a set of Stupid-simple, tab-triggered sublime snippets and completions for WordPress Customizer.

Ahmad Awais- Full Stack Dev— WordPress Core Developer
🔥 ⓦ Introducing Sublime Package for #‎WordPress Customizer! 👋 Everyone, I built a WordPress Customizer Package for Sublime Text. This has been a long time coming. Stupid-simple Tab-triggered Snippets/Completions. It's completely Free and is available through Package Control. Last I checked it was the 8th most trending Sublime Package featured at PackageCo… See more
1 Alternatives to Sublime Text Package for WordPress Customizer

Practical WordPress

eBook with practical WordPress tutorials and codes

Igor Benić- Web Developer
I have published a book on WordPress called 'Practical WordPress'. It is actually an eBook (PDF, MOBI & ePUB) of tutorials I write on my website. You can even read them there ( The coupon code is product-hunt for 50% off which you can add by appending /c/product-hunt to the URL or by clicking on the second link here. Here you can learn abou… See more

Plasso WordPress

Makes selling your goods on WordPress easy

Ghilia Weldesselasie
It's simple, easy to use, and well designed. I always recommend using Plasso to sell your products online.
Drew Wilson- I make
Free WordPress themes! Yep, we've built a few beautiful WordPress themes that you can download and use for free 👍 On top of that we've also built a WordPress plugin for Plasso. Now you can use Plasso embeds and the Billing embed super easily. Start selling your products and memberships without writing any code at all! The themes we've made are tailored to… See more

Nada WordPress Theme

No-features & simple so you can focus on content.

Paul Jarvis- designer, writer.
Hey all - I decided to get back into making WP themes, and my opening volley is a theme that's pretty much the opposite of most other WP themes out there. No bells, no whistles... just back to basics with content. I modelled it after my own site, but used a Google font (which is actually a font from Adobe, Source Code Pro). Basically: you can write and styl… See more
1 Alternatives to Nada WordPress Theme

Material Design for Bootstrap and WordPress

Fully responsive and compatible with different browsers

Piotr Bender- Digital Marketing Analyst
Hey there Product Hunt! I'm one of the makers of both Material Design for Bootstrap and Wordpress. I surely hope mods will mark us all in a second. Firstly, I'd like to thanks Jack for hunting us! We have created MDB and MDW with an aim to bring glorious Material Design to one of the most popular tools used in creating the web - Bootstrap and Wordpress. … See more
5 Alternatives to Material Design for Bootstrap and WordPress
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