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September 13th, 2017


AI powered call analytics for sales

AngelList Blog
Daria Evdokimova: It was actually fun, because we raised our venture round before YC. We had a lot less pressure than most companies that presented, so for us, it was mostly about lead generation and building credibility for recruiting.
Business Insider
While much of Silicon Valley has been consumed by the drama at Uber, tech's most valuable startup, a whole new class of companies launched in the first half of 2017 hoping to change the world, become the next unicorn - or just build a successful business.
VoiceOps is at the forefront of voice data analytics. Designed for enterprise sales teams and leveraging a form of AI (natural language processing), they've built a product that does in an hour what currently takes sales managers days - understanding what their team is actually saying on the phone.
The enterprise voice space grows hotter today as VoiceOps announces its seed round led by Accel with participation from Founders Fund and Lowercase Capital. The YC-backed startup aims to support sales teams by offering managers clear insights into what tactics are being used on the front lines.
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Dave Seeman- ⚙️ Engineering New Products @ Fractal
I believe google voice does this. We use it to redirect calls and record and transcribe voicemail. Idk about recording calls but i wouldn't be surprised. If r cording the call is important I know you can do that with ZOOM.
Naveed Shah- Hunter of Products
Set-up a Google Voice phone number and then add each of your numbers to receive the texts
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Adobe Voice 2.0

Make stunning explainer videos – in minutes. Now on iPhone.

Tom Nguyen- Principal Product Manager, Adobe
When we originally created Adobe Voice, we started with the idea that everyone has a great story to tell, so what if created a tool that just let them focus on their story? No distracting production details, timelines, keyframes, searching dozens of places for the right visuals or music… just talk and tell your story. And get a stunning animated explainer vi… See more
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Voice Swap

Live voice changer & face filters for video selfies.

Are you bored of your own voice? Change your voice in real time with Voice Swap and sound like somebody else.

Record the craziest video selfies, switch your voice, add awesome face filters and share it to friends.

Voice Swap features real time crazy effects that allow you to create different situations and express yourself in hilarious ways.

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Jony Ive's Voice

Another (very powerful) Jony Ive soundboard

Dylan Buckley- Founder @ HackerMetrics
Thanks @jkdncn for posting this. I built it while watching the iPhone event last week as a bit of fun, since then close to 50k people have gone to have a play. Will hopefully add more sound bites in the next few days, so feel free to make suggestions. Have fun!
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Astrobot Voice

Talk to your inbox directly from Astro’s iOS & Android apps

Modern email apps for Mac, iOS, Android, and Alexa, fully-integrated with Slack, and powered by artificial intelligence.

Well, mostly: you can't invoke it with a wake-word like "Ok, Google." Once installed, you'll have to long-press the little Astrobot button that lives in your inbox. Then, you just gab away: asking if you have any emails prompts Astrobot to read through your most recent messages out loud, and telling it to archive, snooze or mark as unread worked consistently… See more
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Voice Swap

Real time voice changer

Jaime Bosch- CEO at Voicemod
Hello Product Hunters! Do you like how your own voice sounds? We’ve created Voice Swap to have some fun and send nice messages to our friends using a different voice. You can change it in real time and then send as a video message to anyone. Quite simple. Voice Swap is our latest app using our voice modification SDK. Yeah, we are voice effects specialists… See more
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Who Is My Voice

Did your representatives accept contributions from the NRA?

darrell whitelaw- designer, siberia
Thanks for sharing, just wanted to give some appreciation towards the fine folks at FEC & 18F who got a custom API up for us letting this actually be helpful to everyone looking to use it. Open government data is a wealth of knowledge and can help people make more informed decisions. Happy we have people helping to make it accessible and open to us.
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iTranslate Voice

Instantly speak another language

Alexander Marktl- CEO, iTranslate
Hi there. I'm Alex, co-founder of iTranslate. Any questions and feedback are welcome!
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