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September 13th, 2017

New Twitter Apps

All new design for Twitter's mobile apps

Abhilash Jain- Product Marketing / Growth
Twitter is the holy grail of interaction with the who's who of the tech industry.
Austin Sandmeyer- Thinker/Student/Rockstar
If you are going after specific people int the tech industry Twitter is your go-to. If you like general tech people Meetup/Eventbrite/Facebook Events should be great resources for you!
Hung Truong- Head of Product at Buyer Discovery
My #1 app to get the latest updates about the things I'm interested. A wealth of information controlled by who you choose to follow.
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Twitter Lite

Loads quickly, takes up less space, and is data-friendly.

Lisa Dziuba- Founder
Well, you can find all influencers on Twitter. Just look who popular folks are following :)
Ankit Gaurav- Creative Geek
The PWA version of Twitter is very fast and powerful. Also sharing and opening links gives the best UX in browsers instead of using the native app and switching from webview to the native view.
Prashant Choubey
Simply amazing,but my fav night mode is missing..
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Twitter Bots

Make smart Twitter bots without coding

Create Twitter bots that can auto-reply, retweet tweets, send DMs, follow users, add users to Twitter list, and more all without writing a single line of code.

Digital Inspiration
This is a complete list of search operators that you can use with Twitter Bots. The bots will use the Twitter API to find tweets that match your search criteria and perform the action on each of the matching tweets. Twitter Search Operators Search Query Description red apples Tweets that contain both "red" and "apples" ...
Digital Inspiration
Twitter offers a rich API allowing applications to perform nearly every action with bots that can be done on the Twitter website. Here are a list of actions that you can perform with Twitter bots and some possible use cases. Bots Action Action Description Notes / Use Case Send Public Reply Auto reply to tweets ...
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