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September 13th, 2017


A Responsive Front-end Framework for accessible websites

Scott de Jonge- Digital Developer
Hey! Turret is a front-end framework we use at for our web projects. It started as some basic form/button styles and utility mixins. Since then it's extended to cover all native HTML 5 elements providing a responsive and styled base. The third iteration was released last week, have a play and let me know what you think. Always looking for f… See more
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Transact where you interact

stuart- CEO Current
Hey Eric, Thanks for hunting Current. We have created Current because we believe sending money should be as easy as sending a message and should be accessible from the platform you are using. Current’s first integration is with Slack so anyone can use the platform to pay their colleagues - for a work lunch, or a coffee, or a job well done. We are availabl… See more
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Replace new tab screen with current time and weather

Vinh Pham- 🤤
I replaced Momentum with Currently last year. It gives you basic info like Momentum does, but my favorite feature is the 5 day forecast, which I always like to keep in the back of my mind.
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An audio only social network

DarrenTerpstra- Founder of Currently -
Currently allows you to speak into your phone for up to a minute, recording a funny story or life update. It then sends that audio clip (called a wave) to those you allow to follow you. This means that you can listen to your friends' stories like a playlist, all in their own voices. Like having a mini podcast of your friends' lives. You get to choose wheth… See more
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The log management SaaS you've been looking for.

Evan Phoenix- CEO of
CEO / Backend developer here, happy to answer any questions people have! The story behind current is that despite there being a number of different logging solutions, we found that no one was really happy with most of them. Either their too complicated, lack certain features, or cost too much. The team has always been interested in infrastructure projects be… See more
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