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September 13th, 2017

UX Timeline

See how some of today's best companies have evolved

Jacinthe Busson- Co-founder @eleganttapp + @UXTimeline
Thanks for hunting my project @bentossell ! I spent a lot of time browsing Internet Archive and going back to the past like Marty Macfly ;) Please vote for the next Timeline by scrolling at the bottom of the page.
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Memory by Timely

An intelligent timeline of everything you did in a day.

Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Memory by Timely is just magic. I never worry about tracking anymore. It keeps a log for me, and I can look back/categorize activities later in the day.
Aurora- Co-Founder
I love using Timely! It records what I'm doing in the background so I can review afterwards how I spent my day. My only improvement for the product is to make the drag and drop feature more responsive (missing the Google Calendar feeling).
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I love Memory by Timely. I don't need to track activities myself anymore. This helps me log everything so I can focus on getting stuff done!
Mathias Mikkelsen- Founder of Timely.
Hello hunters! We’re beyond excited to finally launch Memory after living in a cave for the past few months. Memory is built for two things; 1) Rid the world of manual time tracking. Let the robots take care of it! And 2) Give you a lot of insight into how you spend your day. I have definitively made changes to how I organise my day because of it. One of t… See more
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Booking.js by Timekit

Make a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes.

Jesper Klingenberg- Co-founder of Timekit
Thanks for hunting us @tomazstolfa Really happy to be here with Booking.js. We’ve worked hard on launching this. For those of you who haven’t heard about it; it’s the easiest way to create an embeddable booking form that can be added to any site or product in a few minutes. We want to change how you book things online and this is the first step in that di… See more
4 Alternatives to Booking.js by Timekit

My Time Zone

Automatic time zone conversion tool

My Time Zone is a browser extension for automatic time zone conversion. Just highlight to convert between time zones.

Time zones can be hard to keep straight, especially when you're browsing the web. Fortunately, this Chrome extension can convert ANY time you see to your local time zone in one click.
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Automatic time tracking for freelancers and teams.

Ayrton De Craene- Code @ Product Hunt
I was looking for a free alternative to Freckle, and Timely just did that. They have this cute little Apple program where you can start, stop & pause your time spent on a client.
Markus Deuerlein
we use timely with the new memory extension
Richard kim- dev | Google,, Drift, twindr
Great hour-tracking app. they're removing their free tier, which is a bummer, but otherwise an amazing app
Mathias Mikkelsen- Founder of Timely.
Hey hunters! We’re thrilled to launch our brand new platform today; completely automatic time tracking. From who you email, to what places you’ve been to, how long you were on facebook or even where you drove your car. It can all be tracked automatically so you never have to think about tracking hours again, it all happens in the background. We’d love to hea… See more
4 Alternatives to Timely

Pomodoro Time

Simple Pomodoro timer in your Mac's menu bar

Kate- Community + Product @ Product Hunt
If you haven't heard of the "Pomodoro technique" before, consider this your intro! It's an intensely helpful way to have a set amount of time to buckle down and work for that specified amount of time, and then once your timer goes off, you get break time, and the breaks are required! Helps keep you "fresh" and out of a rut.
Lionel Dsilva- Infinite love for Web Apps and Anime
Use it everyday. Never had issues.
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I love Be Focused / Pomodoro Time. It's simple and has an iPhone + iPad app in addition to the Mac menu bar app.
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Scheduling meetings around the world just got easy

Stephane Giraudie- CEO, Voxeet
Hello hunters, we’re excited to announce TimeZoneNinja, a free tool for scheduling calls across multiple time zones. Have you ever been here? You need to set up an emergency meeting with a customer in Chicago, the dev team in Poland and your boss, who happens to be traveling in Asia. You Google your time zones, schedule the call and pat yourself on the back… See more
5 Alternatives to TimeZoneNinja
Dan Farrelly- Architect @Buffer, Creator of Timezoneio
Hi there, I'm the creator of After incubating the idea while working at Buffer, I thought others might have the need for it as a product. Since it's launch teams like Trello and Discourse and almost 3000 other users have signed up to coordinate across their multiple timezones! Also, this SaaS product is fully open source as I've decided to do a… See more
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Product Hunt Time Travel

Go back in time to explore the most popular products 🔮 Guru of all things digital from India!
I am loving Product Hunt. It's a great place to discover amazing apps.
Jeremy Bauer- Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Definitely. Has helped tons professionally and personally. 🙏✨✨
Amrith Shanbhag- Community
Without this, I wouldn't have found myself a community that I'm 💯 proud to be a part of :)
5 Alternatives to Product Hunt Time Travel

Moleskine Timepage

A smart calendar with weather forecasts, maps and contacts

Kate- Community + Product @ Product Hunt
To be totally honest, I'm a diehard Moleskine fan so when I saw them release this app, I was going to try it and use it no matter what at first. Then, turns out, it's actually AMAZING! Super easy to toggle back and forth between month / week / day views AND they've got this rad af feature that changes the depth of color of the day on the monthly view calenda… See more
oz lubling- Product Strategy & Design
This calendar app from Moleskine of all companies is incredible well design, a joy to use and has plenty of advance features.
Kate- Community + Product @ Product Hunt
I'm obsessed with Timepage. I admit, I originally got it because I'm a Moleskine brand loyalist and I just jumped on the bandwagon, but I actually turned out to LOVE it. It's just a really brilliantly designed app that keeps getting better with each new update. Color coded / shaded bubbles let you know how busy you are any given day and it's easy to swipe be… See more
Ben Hamey- Great Ape, Bonobo
Hey Product Hunters! We’re pumped to announce our collaboration with Moleskine that has been in the works for quite a while. It’s a calendar and weather app called Timepage, available today for iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s only just been released onto the App Store a few minutes ago so it won’t appear in search yet (direct link should work) - we just want… See more
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