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September 13th, 2017

Wave Accounting

Fast, easy accounting for your small business

Rohit Srivastwa- Founder, ClubHack
My personal favourite for personal accounting and for small businesses
Nikki Barron- Marketing & Communications | Mastin Labs
I really like Wave apps. It's great for personal and business.
Patrick Lupu- UI / UX designer
I use it to create and send invoices and keep track of expenses. If you are an US business owner, you would probably find your bank listed there to keep track of your bank account.
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Simple, beautiful accounting that gets you paid instantly.

Ciocanel Razvan- Co-Founder of EpicCoders
It has to be zipbooks. It's amazing and it's free. They make their money by having a comission on the payment methods they provide but if you don't use that then you pay nada. <3 it
Niklaus Gerber- Crafting outstanding digital services
Amazing free tire and it caters to your every need. Also it is beautifully designed.
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Beautiful accounting software.

Imrat Jn- Affiliates Anonymous
We use this and I like it. I have not tried anything else so can't offer a comparison. Maybe someone else will, or could highlight in a comment why Xero has issues for them.
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Very easy to use for cloud-based accounting and payroll.
Omer Molad- Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe
Xero is super easy to use. Everything is done automatically and it's not expensive. Bank accounts can be synchronized through live feeds so there is never any need to manually import data.
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Accounting software, simplified

Rowan Johnson- CEO & Founder of Vimsy
Have used this software for years. For UK companies at least, it's really great. Handles your estimates, invoicing, bills, staff expenses, and automatically connects to your bank via Yodlee so you can keep an eye on what's coming in and (more importantly) what's going out. You can also do VAT returns through it. Far better than using a spreadsheet.


Automatic Tax Management for Smart Businesses

Quaderno helps online businesses to automate their tax management with no efforts.

Calculate taxes in real time, send automatic tax receipts that are valid worldwide, do your tax returns in seconds, and comply with international rules for digital taxes, including the EU VAT, and Canada & Australia GST.

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Free financial software for your small business

ryan kulp- retired developer turned musician
we're using Wave (free plan) and very happy with it. stripe handles payments, which get sent to our bank, and wave connects to our bank + credit cards to import sales. so we have a basic revenue dashboard, all expenses itemized / categorized, and can run a myriad of accounting reports in a couple clicks. tl;dr - Wave is effectively for your compan… See more
Neap Nic- Co-founder of
Collect all your company receipts and expenses in a single place for free. At the start, you don't really need an accountant. We're a pretty small team so far, so we manage our financials ourselves. This is also a great way to learn how to manage cash flow and do your P&L.
Sriraman- Software Engineer at Witworks
Wave is amazing for Startups. They have lot more features comparing every other app. You can also generate invoice, quotes, statements etc for free. They support collaboration too.
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