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September 13th, 2017

Phone designed to be used as little as possible

The Light Phone is your second phone. A casual phone for going light, enjoying quality time doing what you love to do the most free of distractions. It uses your same phone number so you can leave your smartphone behind while maintaining the peace of mind that you are still reachable.

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Digital Trends
Many tech companies say they don't develop products, they develop experiences. In a lot of cases, it's a thinly veiled attempt at ascribing some higher philosophical or moral calling to the work they do. But for one startup based out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, it's probably the most accurate way to describe what they've built.
I recently overheard the following conversation at a bar: a girl asked to use the establishment's landline because her smartphone had inexplicably stopped working. She picked up the phone, which, despite being new, looked like an ancient and comically large artifact from a distant past.
Technology promised to make living easier-but complicated it instead. The answer? More tech that helps curb your reliance on your phone.
Evening Standard
London is in the grip of phone fever. The iPhone X is finally out, Google has launched its Pixel 2, and there are Samsungs galore boasting infinity displays and face recognition. Though they aren't all souped up: a new anti-smartphone phone, the Light Phone, is also selling fast.
Designers Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang have designed a mobile phone that intentionally lacks features, in hopes of encouraging users to disconnect from the internet. Designed to be used as a second phone, the Light Phone allows smartphone users to disconnect from their apps while still being contactable via phone call.
The Light Phone is not only an exciting design product, it is more a physical manifestation of philosophical questions. Those question to me are: ...
Business Insider
The Light Phone is the anti-smartphone. It does two things and two things only: It sends calls and receives them. It doesn't text, it doesn't connect to Twitter, and it doesn't have a camera. In fact, Light's founders say the phone is designed to be used "as little as possible."
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Recover 31 types of lost iPhone data & fix iOS update errors

PhoneRescue is an iOS data recovery tool, running on both Windows & macOS. It helps retrieve up to 31 types of mis-deleted, damaged or lost iOS data, covering photos, messages, contacts, etc. - almost all the data you care about in your iPhone. Besides, PhoneRescue also fixes iOS crashes in one click and saves your iPhone/iPad from breakdowns.

Jocelyn To
Jocelyn To
Intuitive UI and straightforward workflow, making complicated data recovery task as plain as a couple of clicks.
Jocelyn To
Jocelyn To
It will save you from any iOS data loss disasters at the very first moment.
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Mobile phones into a business class phone system in 3 mins

Spoke is a platform that turns employee cell phones into a smart business phone system in three minutes or less. Spoke says “there are no desk phones, no hardware, no wires, and you don’t need an IT guy to set it up” - it’s just the right amount of big phone system features, made dead simple to use right inside your mobile phone.

Sasha Viasasha
Sasha Viasasha
Simple to use and provides all the PBX features you need in a simple app. Love that it intergrates with the native dialer and masks my personal phone number, keeps my call data organized and allows me to stay professional on the go.
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Email and texting has made young workers shy away from making phone calls, but a Kiwi entrepreneur says his phone app could change that. San Francisco-based Jason Kerr co-founded his fifth company, phone management system Spoke, in 2015 after he saw his staff making increasingly fewer phone calls.
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An easy solution to your spelling-over-the-phone problems

phonetic helps you spell over the phone phonetically with a read-along translation from letters to phonemes.

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Official Post from Shaun Wall: No matter how many times I attempt to memorise the phonetic alphabet, it pretty much emergency ejects from my brain as soon as someone on the phone asks me to actually spell something out.Frustrated with this, I put together a little web app which provides you with read-along phonetic output of what
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