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September 13th, 2017


Find a photographer or videographer for your project

Kyle Frost- Product Designer/Adventure Photographer.
A quick TL;DR on SmartShoot: - We connect people and companies with photographers and videographers for projects of any size - We’ve been around since 2012 - We've paid over 10 million dollars to amazing creatives - We’ve been primarily focused on fulfilling high volume needs for enterprise clients (like Yelp, Zillow, Google, YouTube and more...) but have r… See more
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Shake Pro

Create, sign, & send legal agreements on the web or phone

ageiger- Product guy, founder
We want to be available at the "point of deal" as we call it, no matter where that deal is taking place. For the API we're primarily thinking about marketplaces for goods and services (think Angie's List, Kitchensurfing, Behance, etc.). Kind of like Stripe for contracts. Similar to payment processing, legal agreements are an essential and sensitive elemen… See more
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Scanner Pro 6

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner

Denys Zhadanov- VP of Marketing at Readdle
Back in 2009 we created mobile document scanning with Scanner Pro. It became #1 business app in 20 countries for over 1,5 years and now enjoys 7 million users worldwide. Today, 6 years later, we want to reinvent scanning once again with Scanner Pro 6, which is essentially a brand new app inside. Introducing revolutionary Scan Radar that will automatically fi… See more
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The Guide to Project Management

Learn to manage projects like a pro with this free guide.

Tim Macchi- Growth @ TeamGantt
Hey everyone! Thanks for all the votes. It's great to see this guide resonating with so many people. Even if you don't call yourself a "Project Manager," chances are you will need to manage a project at some point in your career. We realized very quickly that people are looking for a concise resource to help build on this skill. We reached out to our fri… See more
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UI Sound packs for apps, games, and any product

Lifetime supply of sounds for a UX designer

Roman Zimarev- Composer, Founder of
Hi everyone, I know how much time you can spend searching the right sound for app. That's why I've made this project. I hope it will be useful for you! Get 20% off with code, "PRODUCTHUNT", or with links: Thanks @kwdinc for hunting me! Roman Zimarev, Founder of Appsounds
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The easiest way to create a powerful Internet of Things

Jernej Adamic- Co-founder and CEO at Zenodys
Hi guys. We are proud to show you our open beta. We have been working hard for the last year and have got to the point where we feel proud about it. We believe it can help you develop IoT way faster and with less pain. Please try it. Your feedback is highly valuable to us to get an idea what we have done right and how we should improve. Your humble Zenodys t… See more
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A mini Hollywood film studio in your pocket

Sarp Erdag- Developer of Typorama & Videorama Apps
Hello everyone, co-founder of Videorama app here. Videorama is a powerful new video producer for your iPhone and iPad letting you create stunning movies on the go. It combines the strength of full featured desktop video editors with the ease of using an intuitive mobile interface. Using Videorama, you can combine your photos and videos together, mix, resca… See more
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Lully Sleep Guardian

Stop night terrors, improve sleep

Andy Rink- Co-founder & CMO, Lully
1 out of 5 people will have a night terror. Some of these people will have them often (weekly or nightly) for months or years at a time. People can't remember a night terror the morning after (unlike a nightmare), but during a night terror the person will act extremely scared and frightened while sleeping. They may walk around the house. These are extremely … See more
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Everyday Exercise

The daily exercise boost for your body

Rory O'Keeffe- Web Developer
Hey ladies and gents! I'm Rory, the author (a.k.a. @rokeeffe). Thanks to Robert for adding my book up here. As Robert mentioned, in my day job (and much of my side work!) I'm a web developer, and indeed for my entire life I've been into computers, reading and other assorted geekery, so sitting in chairs has been a major facet of my existence for as long as … See more
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Liquid Text 2.0

A better way to understand text - across multiple documents

Craig Tashman- Founder, LiquidText
Hi folks, thanks so much for including us on Product Hunt! Let me know if I can answer any questions. LiquidText 2.0 is really about helping people understand information even when it's spread across many different sources. Here's a quick demo of the new version
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