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September 13th, 2017


Beautiful websites with a few lines of markdown

William Meleyal- Upsite
Hello Product Hunters, maker here. Upsite has been around in my life for about 5 years. I've tested the patience of friends and family espousing the idea, compiled several novels worth of notes and drawings, and finally sat down to build it about a year ago. It was born from experience, having spent most of my adult life making websites for people, from th… See more
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markdown to web

Convert markdown to online web page

Juraj Ivan- Designer at Fox Valley Apps
Hi, we made a writing and publishing app called Author a few months ago and now we thought about opening our publishing platform to more people. We want you to experience the new way of independently sharing your content. Almost all Mac users are using markdown editors to write so we elaborate on that, and with this simple web app, you can turn your markdow… See more
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Simple, beautiful yet powerful text/md editor for your Mac

Clement D.- Student
The menubar app is perfect for quick notes. can be expanded into a full note app and does all this with markdown so great export capabilities
Ashok Gelal- Octohub, LightPaper, Spyglass
Hello Product Hunters, First of all, thanks to @anandrajaram for hunting it down. It's a cliché to say it but LightPaper is not just "yet another text+MD editor". It is fast and light and looks gorgeous! We made it with a purpose: to make it easier for you to write your documents and take notes whether you are a developer, a blogger or a student. It comes … See more
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Loose Leaves for Mac

Instantly share what you write in Markdown

Jesse Lamb- Product and Stuff
Loose Leaves for Mac lets you instantly create lightweight, beautiful, hosted pages from the Markdown you write. Just select the Markdown you want to share, use the keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘C), and you instantly get back a secure link you can pass around. I built this because all of my writing starts in Markdown, but when I want to share what I write in Slack … See more
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Open source Markdown editor for OS X influenced by Mou.

Kristo Mägi- Founder at Deekit, Techstars alumni
As I have lots of tech writing to do and MarkDown is natural everyday reading/writing material then over the years I've used many MD editors. But MacDown is by far the best MD editor for sure.
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Beautiful & easy to use Markdown editor w/ powerful features

craig eley- Producer, Wisconsin Public Radio
Appears kind of bare-bones at first, but it is that simplicity that keeps me coming back. Can open local files, multiple Dropbox folders, and even files in Working Copy repositories.
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