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September 13th, 2017

LinkedIn 9.0

New LinkedIn iOS & Android app w/ new messaging & search

Pavan Sethi- Product @ Stealth 🤐
Start building your resume early!
Michael Deng- Software Developer
Reach out to them on LinkedIn!
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
The obvious and the biggest network for professionals and job seekers.
3 Alternatives to LinkedIn 9.0
Alex Devkar
Hi all, I'm a co-founder at Conspire. We're excited to give you all the first look at our Chrome plugin! Based on analysis of billions of email interactions, our system understands who knows each other and how well. It shows your strongest connections to the people you look at on LinkedIn and AngelList (and more sites to come). I think you'll be surprised … See more
2 Alternatives to Conspire Plugin for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lookup

Fastest way to find, learn about, and contact your coworkers

Ankit Gupta- Product Manager, LinkedIn
Great to see this on Product Hunt! We've been furiously working on this app for the last few months. To help improve how we can let employees find, learn about and contact other coworkers. Would love to hear what you think!
Olivier Droz- CTO @ SalesWings
Hi PH Community, I'm just quickly stepping in as the main dev of this application. We really built this app to handle a huge load and being easily scalable across the clouds. So, as a user, you don't need to worry about unavailabilities of the app :) but more important - the website tracking for your LinkedIn messages is installed in a blink of an eye. Just… See more
2 Alternatives to LinkedIn Message Tracking by SalesWings

GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is a Chrome Extension for detecting tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack OverFlow

Don't Panic, Just Hire
Keeping up with technology is not an easy feat. And neither is getting around to it. However, it's paramount if you want to source and attract top tech talent. Thankfully, there is a ton of tools available that are exceedingly helpful. The Chrome Extension GlossaryTech for LinkedIn is one of them.
GlossaryTech is a Chrome extension productivity product that detects tech terms while sourcing candidates on LinkedIn. Intended to be a recruiting assistant for HR managers, GlossaryTech finds and highlights technology terms on a web page just in a few seconds, provides easy-to-understand definitions in a ...
ERE Media
A big hurdle in the tech recruiting and sourcing world is keeping up with technology, the buzzwords, and staying up to date with the jargon. There are a lot of online glossaries and websites to source technical information. Most of the knowledge readily accessible is very static, meaning they don't keep up with the changing vernacular in the tech world.

LinkedIn Pulse for mobile

Your daily news, powered by your professional world

Ali Hanif- Founder @ HANALI
My honest advice is to thinking like a publisher - they worry about distribution, packaging and target audiences more than just the content itself. Medium is great and ReFind too, but for me my customers are on LinkedIn so I publish religiously there. The same article on Medium can have curse words, GIFs and more humor. LinkedIn is a little more corporate an… See more
akshay kothari- PM, LinkedIn
Excited for all of you to try the new Pulse. Let me know if I can answer any questions...
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The Linkedin Agency Playbook

A play by play guide to growing your business on LinkedIn

Mike Becker- Founder at
Hey Hunter People! "I know I must be using LinkedIn wrong because I can’t seem to make consistent sales." Sound familiar? FACT: Most agencies fail to follow up with new connection requests on LinkedIn, and those that do often send messages that turn warm prospects into cold lumps of coal. Now can you see why an astonishingly low number of agency prospect… See more
Mike Becker- Founder at
Hey Hunters! Becker here to say this is more than just a step by step playbook to landing clients on LinkedIn...its a client getting sysyem tha teaches and gives you all the tools, workflows and copy to build your own free training webinar and LinkedIn converaion funnel. Check it out...and share ypur feedback. Thanks!

Age-Insight for LinkedIn

Get anyone's age on LinkedIn.

Juan J. Ramirez- Product Manager + UX Designer
UPDATE: Hi Product Hunters, I just wanted to say that I share many of the concerns that were raised in this thread, in Twitter, and in some media articles. For this reason, I decided to shut down "Age-Insight" and stop all the distribution and support for the extension. Thanks for being part of the debate and contributing to it with your thoughtful commen… See more
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