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September 13th, 2017 is a simple tool to build conversational landing pages and improve lead conversion rate. .

Ernesto Cohnen
Ernesto Cohnen- Co-Founder,
With just a couple of clicks you can create a landing page in the form of a bot. It's great to develop and test bots without coding. For us this approach was working like a charm to capture more leads on mkt landing pages. And they have a great support team also. I think you can plug the created not to other distribution channels like Facebook messenger, … See more
Ernesto Cohnen
Ernesto Cohnen- Co-Founder,
Amazing product, simple and a new & great channel to generate leads using bots.
Jiaqi Pan
Jiaqi Pan- CEO at
Hi Bettina, sorry that I didn´t read this full request before. If you are looking for native interface based chatbot, landbot would be a good option. It´s still in early stage already offers most features you need. The only question left is in terms of building process we are quite similar to Tars. How ever if your logic tree is well structured which it se… See more
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In recent years landing pages have started to play a big role in Online marketing, especially in introducing & promoting new product brands & services. 'Landbot' is a new technological tool designed to enable Online marketers to transform any landing page into an engaging & conversational experience.
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Curated Landing Page gallery with 445+ designs

Landingfolio is a gallery featuring the best landing pages design. Browse more than 445 landing page examples in 54 different categories.

Danny Postma
Danny Postma- Building products to help makers convert
Landingfolio features the best landing page designs on the web. I've been collecting 583 landing page design over the last 4 years. Furthermore Landingfolio has a big collection of E-commerce, Pricing Page and Portfolio designs 🔥
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The best web pages around.
5 Alternatives to LandingFolio

Landing page generator built for conversions

Cameron Blackwell
Cameron Blackwell- Live to work
This is a cheaper alternative I have run across that does just about the same thing as Click Funnels.
Oliver McQuitty
Oliver McQuitty- CEO, Visualizar
Used LeadPages a couple times on previous projects. Whilst it may not be the cheapest, I've found it to being one of the most powerful ones out there with lead capture, easy signups and much more.
Alexander Kehaya
Alexander Kehaya- Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
I love Lead Pages. They have a great drag and drop editor that always looks good on Mobile. Super easy to use and super easy to publish to a custom domain. I also love that out of the box it integrates with literally every marketing automation service that I use. Highly recommended! Most recently we used Lead Pages to build a landing page for one of our onli… See more
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It's about (saving) time!

Landingi is a platform for building landing pages without IT and coding skills! With our drag & drop editor, you can create a landing page with ease. Select from over 200 high-converting templates, automate your marketing stack using the built-in integrations.

Baruch Yochai
Baruch Yochai- ProductMan
Take a look at this one.
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Build viral campaigns and get new customers

Ish Baid
Ish Baid- I build things
Doesn't matter what your idea is. Doesn't matter what you've built. All that matters to investors are numbers. Do you have interest? Do you have traction? My recommendation is to create a landing page and get people to sign up. If your pitch is good and product sounds exciting, you'll start seeing people sign up. You can even run a campaign like and… See more
Ish Baid
Ish Baid- I build things
I can't recommend Kickoff labs enough. It's built to generate sign ups through virality. It's incredibly easy to throw a landing page together. From there, KickoffLabs does a lot of the work. It'll automatically generate share links and allow you to provide incentives people to sign up + share with their friends.
Anders Kravis
Anders Kravis- Head of Product at Finimize
Easy to get started with (although slightly basic when it comes to "pro" use cases)
4 Alternatives to KickoffLabs

Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré- B2B SaaS Consultant
Quickly build custom landing pages for any campaign, and use overlays to increase conversions on all your web pages.
Alex Aubain
Alex Aubain- I love to learn and help others!
I would recommend Unbounce. Not only will you be able to create an amazing splash page with the options they have, but you will also have analytics to monitor your page results. It's overall a great tool for a simple one they start off with a 30 day free trial. Hope this helps!
Miguel Casteleiro
Miguel Casteleiro- Bioengineer|Growth Hacker|Entrepreneur
You can offer something for free on social media and bring them to a lading page built on Unbounce in exchange for an email.
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