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September 13th, 2017

Property insurance by photo

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After digging into this story, we felt it bore coverage for our readers because it represents an important technology innovation in the insurtech category. Cover is a new insurance app that enables users to take a photo of the items they want covered on their mobile devices and receive a quote on those from multiple carriers in less than 30 seconds.
Applying for homeowner's insurance should be as easy as waving your phone camera around your room. That's the premise behind Cover, an app that recommends insurance based on what's photographed in your home. Whether it's electronics, jewelry or even your pet, Cover will cover just about anything.
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I recommend searching NerdWallet. I think all credit cards in the US require a credit check. So if you're looking to start building a credit score, I'd put in that your score is low. Then it gives you some options for cards to help you start building. When I didn't have a credit score yet, I had started with a student credit card to build credit. As far as… See more
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Nice Logo.
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Stress free insurance for high-growth companies

Founder Shield is an insurance brokerage focused on providing scalable risk management solutions to venture-backed companies. We’re on a mission to take a broken and confusing experience and create the most seamless and informative insurance purchasing process available

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The world of insurance is, seemingly, a black hole of conflicting information and sleazy salespeople who are trying to dupe you into buying something you don't need. And between generating some good user traction, flushing out the revenue model, or closing the Series A round, insurance falls way down the list of important to-do's.
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Commercial insurance is one of those things you need to think about as a business owner, but it's also something most of us know nothing about.That's why we put together this primer on commercial insurance, including who needs to think about it, and how to buy it if you do.
OpenView Labs
Did you know that the tech industry is the most frequently sued sector, with software and programming being the most sued industry ? With the entire service model, and thus profit, dependent on uptime and service availability, the tolerance for service interruption is minuscule.
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