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September 13th, 2017

App Animations

Gallery of beautiful iOS animations to inspire your next app

Craig Dehner- UI & Motion Designer
Thanks for the post and comments! I've had a growing collection of these animations for quite some time and figured everyone could benefit. Theres many more examples that I'll be uploading when I get a chance - I've been busy working on a course to teach others how to create these beautiful UI animations:
7 Alternatives to App Animations


A new design tool. Completely redesigned.

Might be a bit hard to start if you are non-coder but it's the best one out there as there is no limit on what you can do.
Paweł Waraksa- Product Designer /
Framer for iOS, because Framer is the best tool for prototyping/animations.
Lisa Dziuba- Swift Learner & Founder
they have a huge pack of sales for creative people
4 Alternatives to Framer


Mobile UI animations found in the wild

Jack Young- Designer, AnalogFolk
Appealing is an online showcase of UI animations found in real apps. During a recent project I was surprised how difficult it was to find examples of mobile UI animation on the internet. The majority of Google results lead to blog posts showcasing examples found on Dribbble, which as awesome as they are, are usually created in After Effects and without the … See more
6 Alternatives to appealing


Animate elements on-scroll to catch attention. Such Magic.

Matt Aussaguel- Founder, UpLabs
Hi all! I keep seeing new products on Product Hunt using WOW.js including Box, Microsoft or Tilt. I think the community is going to love this. I originally created WOW.js for a friend (@webalys) and quickly realized that a lot of people wanted this. It’s super simple and I use it on all my new products in different ways such as MaterialUp or Fliplingo (see… See more

3D Parallax Editor by Webydo

Craft interactive 3D animations, without code

Yam Regev- Co-Founder, CEO & CMO
Kudos to @newrulesinvest for the Hunt! Always looking to bring our community the cutting edge in web design without having to code, we are extremely excited to release this 3D Parallax Editor. Based on CSS 3D transforms distributed along the x-axis, Webydo’s backend does the heavy lifting so that you can simply upload layers (video, images, typography, and… See more
2 Alternatives to 3D Parallax Editor by Webydo

Motion Design for iOS

A book about designing animations for iOS

Mike Rundle- Working on Treeo for iPhone!
Thanks so much for the submission! I've been working on this e-book for awhile, ever since I talked about iOS animation design & development at a local CocoaConf. As one of those odd designer-developer hybrids, I've never really seen a decent guide that combined animation design theory and live code examples, so I wanted to put one together and get it o… See more
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