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GANTT planner helps you schedule staff vacations and group meetings, manage your projects and track your and your team's work.

September 13th, 2017

Team Gantt

Simple Project Scheduling

Josiah Corona- Just tea, thank you
This might be exactly what you are looking for based on name alone. Has a lot of great integrations as well.
Emil Ray- Co-Founder and Technical Lead
Love this tool for the flexibility it provides and for making gantt charts lovely instead of dreadful. I think it is currently tops on my list for project management.

Elegantt for Trello

The most elegant way to manage your Trello projects

Patrik Csak- Front-End Dev + UX @ Hoffman Academy
Trello is powerful and delightful on its own. Elegantt adds Gantt charts to Trello.
Thomas DIDIER- Marketing, Forest Admin 🌲
@daniel_glickman have you tried to power-up Trello with this extension?
Trello is a fresh web-based project management application related to the kanban paradigm which works with boards, lists, cards and such, and let you handle your project enviroment with a great dynamic workflow. In combination with the extension Elegantt, Trello allows you to keep your project roadmap on course by performing Gantt diagrams and visualizing th… See more
17 Alternatives to Elegantt for Trello


Drag and drop Gantt charts - backed by Asana

Trista Kempa- Ops + CX
I love Asana and this is pretty legit. Sooooo much easier than sheets!
Alex- MarTech & Startups are my passions
If you're using Asana, Instagantt is a no brainer.
Bas Wakker
Best tool for creating a simple, understandable and flexible planning
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