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September 13th, 2017

Optimize Fitness App

Infinite workouts customized for you by machine learning

Joe L- CEO Optimize Fitness
Advanced machine learning algorithm learns as you train to provide recommended time, repetitions, and weight for every exercise Personalized workouts are based on your genetics, ability, available equipment and past workouts. Instantly generate effective workouts every day in line with your plan, whether you are at the gym or at home with no equipment Log pa… See more
Joe L- CEO Optimize Fitness
Hi, I'm Joe, creator of Optimize Fitness, a US Army Ranger, NASM certified personal trainer, and senior software engineer at Google. After years of refinement I am excited to share Optimize Fitness with everyone. The app spent the last ~7 months in beta with real users validating the machine learning algorithm and just went live on the App Store yesterday.… See more
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inKin Social Fitness Platform

Compete with friends via various fitness trackers & apps

Aram Shahinyan- Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
Works best if you and your friends are using different fitness trackers and want to compete with each other.
Renata Morgana
the best one!
Ramona Manghnani
Love the competitions! Makes exercising so much fun!!
Aram Shahinyan- Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
By the way, we have the first results of the Product Hunters' Competition! Here is how it looks like!  See more
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Gymi Health and Fitness Bot

Get a personalized daily workout and 7-day diet plan.

Gymi Health and Fitness Bot is the easiest way to get a workout every day! With effective workouts such as HIIT, CrossFit, Isolated muscle exercises, Gymi covers it all!

Frank Petruccelli- Co-Founder, Gymi
Gymi is a chatbot that works through facebook messenger. He gives an awesome workout everyday and can even show you the exercises in HD videos. Also, if you're looking to start a diet, it can provide a great frame work and recommend awesome meals with calorie counts.
Frank Petruccelli- Co-Founder, Gymi
Thank you to everyone using Gymi. We are now being used in over 50 countries around the 🌎!!!!!
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Free Calorie Counter , diet and excercise journal.

Kevin William David- Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Gives you a wealth of tools for tracking what and how much you eat, and how many calories you burn through activity.
Shivam Chopra- Full Stack Developer
It keeps me check with what I'm gonna eat for the whole day and provides amazing insight on how I'm consuming Macro and micro nutrients.
Danielle Cadhit- Co-Founder, CEO @CostCanvas
Agree with MyFitnessPal as well - their database and scanning of available food products is the best I have used.
4 Alternatives to Myfitnesspal


The world’s first home body scanner for fitness tracking

Farhad Farahbakhshian- CEO & Co-Founder, Naked Labs
Hey ProductHunt, We’re super excited to launch the world’s first 3D fitness tracker, a body scanner that visualizes how your body changes! We are giving an exclusive promotion to all the Product Hunt member out there of 10% of the already already discounted Naked price. Please use coupon code 10HUNT. Only active for the first 200 users. Let me know if you… See more
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Ignite for iPhone

The most powerful workout tracker ⚡️

Comprehensive exercise tracker. Great UI.
Leon Ephraïm- Senior Designer, Founder @ Yummygum
Hi all. At Yummygum we're big workout fanatics and it felt like there wasn’t a beautiful and good workout app available. That’s why we decided to create one. For about a year we’ve worked on Ignite, and we’re super happy and excited about its availability in the App Store. The coolest thing about this project is that everyone who’s been on the Yummygum team … See more
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A fitness tracking app that shames you into exercising

Ben Myers- Product @CAKEWALKHQ & @BeepBoopHQ
Hi Product Hunters. Really excited to share CAKEWALK with you! We created CAKEWALK to bring a bit of humor and personality to the fitness app market. Essentially, CAKEWALK motivates you to reach your fitness goals by passing judgement daily on how many steps you took the day before - the lazier you are, the more shame you get! For a bit of “friendly” comp… See more
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