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September 13th, 2017

Color Hunt

Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily

Product Hunt for colors? 🤔🤔🤔 Color Hunt is a curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily.

Ayush Mittal- bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
Reviewed and hand-picked collection of beautiful color palettes.
Gal Shir- Product Designer
Color Hunt is a platform to share the best color schemes. By creating smart and simple compositions of several tones, we provide beautiful palletes of colors that work together and can be used for anything. I've created Color Hunt to share and spread the love for colors, feel free to ask and suggest whatever you want.
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Color Palette Generator

Enter the URL of an image and find its color palette

Steven- Programmer, Web, Various
This color palette generator has had a long history on the web. Its first peak of popularity was eight and a half years ago when a clever programmer used the now defunct web service version to make a Facebook auto-colorizer user script. Back when I wrote this color palette generator (originally in Perl!), Unisys's LZW patents had just expired and I was eag… See more
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Color Tab

Beautiful color palettes with every new tab!

Gal Shir- Product Designer
Color Tab is a refreshing Chrome extension by Color Hunt that serves you a beautiful color palette each time you open a new tab. Your screen will be filled by a random palette, pulled from the top popular palettes of Color Hunt's collection.
11 Alternatives to Color Tab

Nix Pro Color Sensor

The Photoshop eye dropper tool in real life!

Zachary Strong- Nix Sensor Ltd.
A must-have for designers and color professionals, the Nix Pro Color Sensor is a handheld device that links with BLE-enabled smartphones to help users scan, save, share, and compare color swatches. The Nix Pro blocks out all ambient light and provides its own calibrated light source, which makes it much more accurate than camera-based apps. Furthermore, un… See more
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Instagram profile color palette extractor

ColorKuler is Instagram profile color palette extractor. Visit, enter your username and see what color is your Instagram profile.

Digital Trends
If there is one thing that stands out about the greatest photographers it is that they almost always have a clear and consistent style used in their imagery. This is part of what allows their work to be easily recognizable.
ColorKuler invites Instagram users to find your personal color palette. Just enter your username, press the arrow, and voila: My chromaticity is silver. (Or dark olive green, depending on when you ask.)
Sophie Callahan Blog
This week is quite a quick post, but it's something that I've recently discovered, found extremely useful and wanted to share with you. You may have seen posts flying around the internet about a website called ColorKuler, lately. It's a clever little invention that helps you determine the colour palette of your Instagram profile.
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The simple, customizable, tiny javascript color extractor

Luky Vj- Frontend Developer @Algolia
So, a few month ago, I was looking for a similar product, a script or a client-side system that would allows me to manipulates colors from images, written in JS ( yeah because not everyone knows python, ruby or such backend technologies that allows you to process your images on the server ), but I never found it ! During my searches, I discovered "http://w… See more
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