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August 1st, 2019

Web-based music player for the cloud

CloudTunes is an open source webapp that with a unified UI for music stored in the cloud (YouTube, DropBox, etc.) and integrates with, Facebook, and Musicbrainz for metadata, discovery, and social experience. It's similar to Spotify, but instead of local tracks and the fixed catalog, CloudTunes uses your files and YouTube music videos.

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Dropbox is a great place to store music so you can access it anywhere, but once it's there, it's not always easy to get it playing though a good music player. CloudTunes is just that. CloudTunes runs a web-based music player in any browser.
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Entire full functional YouTube into your macOs’s menu bar.

Egor Danchenkov
Egor Danchenkov- Biddl
The easiest way to watch or listen to YouTube with possibility to use media shortcuts, resize and move window, etc. Built with electron (hybrid app), but provide native-like experience.

YouTube Playlists Done Right is an attempt to fix all kind of shortcomings with the YT playlists. The idea is to make creating/maintaining your YT playlists as easy as possible. A lot of features.

Just a random few:

- using drag and drop to add a single video or a whole playlist (including autogenerated ones)

- folders and subfolders

- copy to/from YT

- much more

Rating and price

Translate YouTube subtitles into multiple languages

🙄 Problem

👉When you're watching a video on YouTube which has a language subtitle you have to stop the video for each word you don't know. That can be annoying.

👉Youtube can translate the subtitle but often loses the meaning.

🎊🎉🎈 Solution

👉This extension translates words in the subtitles to multiple languages.

Yasin Güzel
Yasin Güzel- Software Engineering Student
It saves my time and improves my language level.
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Yabancı dil öğrenme konusunda yapılacak en iyi pratiklerden biri öğrenilen dilde altyazısı olan bir film/dizi/video izlemek. Ancak bu yöntemle çalışırken bilmediğiniz kelimeler de karşınıza çıkması ve tüm espriyi kaçırmanız işten bile değildir. Chrome eklentisi Universal World işte tam olarak bu derde deva olmak istiyor. Yasin Güzel tarafından geliştirilen U… See more
ONE Digital
Cuando estamos viendo un vídeo con subtítulos en Youtube, en algún idioma desconocido por nosotros, tenemos que pararlo cada vez que aparece alguna palabra desconocida. Eso es bastante típico en las charlas de TED que no tienen subtítulos en español, o en videos musicales en general.
5 Alternatives to Universal Word

FacePause is a Chrome Extension which automatically pauses the Youtube video you are watching if you look away or going for a sandwich.

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There has been an experimental FaceDetector API within the Chrome web browser since version 56 that can automatically detect when someone is looking at a webcam. Now, the developer who created FacePause has found a way to use the API to automatically pause YouTube videos when you look away from your computer.
Want to trade the tattered remains of your privacy for a very minor convenience? Ever wish your computer would stare back at you while you hunt for that one good SNL skit on YouTube? If "yes" is your answer, do I have the tool for you.
6 Alternatives to FacePause

Chrome (v56+) has a new FaceDetector API which basically lets you detect faces in images easily, so what if we could pause Youtube when you look away or go for a sandwich 🥪?

A Mac app wrapper for YouTube Music

YouTube Music for Mac is a lightweight wrapper to allow YouTube music to play as its own app. It adds media key support to create a more native feeling experience.

Listen YouTube at background

YouTube MP3 Player is a simple web based audio player with YouTube content. Plays YouTube videos as audio. With this app you can create queue and manage, also you can save queue as playlist to listen later.

Switching between youtube tab and another lyrics website can get very annoying 🙄 !
Instead , watch your favourite music videos and see lyrics right beside them 🎶 .
P.S : you'll need to unpack the extension yourself by first downloading the source repo.

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