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August 1st, 2019

Speed up, slow down, any HTML5 video with shortcuts

Gabriel Ribeiro
Gabriel Ribeiro- PC Maintenance Tech
I thought this wasn't posted yet. A must-have for me.
Gabriel Ribeiro
Gabriel Ribeiro- PC Maintenance Tech
Great productivity improvement. Must try!
Marlon Santana
Marlon Santana- Poker player
You can control the playback speed in a way you can still consume the content, but a bit faster. 1.10x, .20,...2.00x... and so on. Usually I use 1.30x or 1.70x on youtube videos.
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SoundCloud & YouTube powered music player for Chrome

Around the web
Listening to music is one of the regular activities that most people do on web. There are plenty of web services, smart phone apps to deliver some good quality free music out there which are being used by most people daily. The popular services like YouTube, SoundCloud help people to discover new and their favorite music easily.
Guiding Tech
For millions of internet users around the world, YouTube is their completely free music streaming service. But if you've ever tried using YouTube that way, you know that the experience is far from optimal. The biggest deal breaker for me is that there's no queue. And YouTube's playlist feature is way too basic.
23 Alternatives to UpNext Music Player
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