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August 1st, 2019

πŸ“ A writing app to combat writer's block, distractions, etc.

Krish Dholakiya
Krish Dholakiya-
I've been using this for journalling more successfully than my past attempts: it deleting all your content upon a few seconds of inactivity is a great way to force a stream-of-consciousness.
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Store images from your Ghost blog on GitHub!

ghost-github is a storage adapter for the writing platform Ghost. It allows you to store your blog's images in GitHub repositories, rather than in the local filesystem.

Easily create a 'Table Of Contents' for your Medium article.

Medium TOC is an easy way to add a table of contents to your medium article. Just enter a link to the article and hit go, and your contents will be generated. Then, just copy and paste the table of contents into your Article.

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Many of you have probably seen this post about how to link to parts of your Medium article. You may have also seen this chrome extension, which makes the process simpler. Well, you can do one better. This is how to create a table of contents for your medium article, automatically.
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An offline-first rich text editor component.

french-press-editor is an open-source content editor, built with React.js and Slate. It helps you effortlessly generate clean document structures with an easy to customize interface.

Oh and it works offline out of the box. You can get it running in under five minutes.

dmitrizzle- Code, film photography, writing, design.
This is a React.js library that has pre-built, fully-functional, offline-first solution that you can use with any JavaScript web app - if you wish to build your own. It does not, however generate HTML on the fly (that can be built separately) - rather it provides a Reader container that can interpret the JSON-structured document.
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