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July 1st, 2019

Just because your wine is dry doesn't mean your tasting notes have to be.

Vinobot is a slightly tipsy little robot that generates ridiculous wine tasting notes.

Share and save your favorites ones. Too shy to read aloud? Vinobot can do it for you, though it has a bit of a computer-y accent.

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For wine rating using 100 points international system (OIV)

Wine Rating App helps with wine rating using 100 points system. Such rating is used on local and international wine competitions. OIV ECO 332A/2009.
Focus on wine tasting and rating and let the app to calculate the score for you.

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helps you to identify wnes aromas

Wine Aroma helper assists you in identifying different wine aromas. You see an overview of the most common wine aromas. They are arranged in groups that are color-coded for better orientation.
You can tap aroma to mark it and choose its intensity.

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