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July 1st, 2018

You can use this app to stream Apple events (both live and on-demand) on your Mac or to your Chromecast.

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At its Worldwide Developer Conference on June 5, Apple is expected to announce a bunch of updates to its desktop, mobile, TV, and wearable platforms, as well as changes to its hardware lineup and give developers an idea of what it has in store for the coming year.
3 Alternatives to Apple Events for macOS

Handbrake 1.0

The open source video transcoder 13 years in the making

Sergii Dumyk-
Very handy when I need to upload to Vimeo a more than 500 Mb video. Lots of settings. Presets. Love!
Marcus- Product Designer
Does the job fast and usually compresses the video to a fraction of its original size on top of it.
Tweegenic1- Noble Investor
One software which I know can compress the size of a video file without losing on significant amount of video quality is Handbrake. I have tried it myself and it does a decent job. Try it yourself. It’s free for download on their official website.


Search the web for videos, audios, eBooks and much more

FileMasta is intended to provide a very powerful web server indexing and search service allowing you to find a file among millions of files located on public servers around the internet.

The search engine is powered by a public database that holds information about all the files web servers have.

1 Alternatives to FileMasta


Automated YouTube Video Summarization Using Captions

Have you ever felt that a video on YouTube was too long and just wanted to watch the important parts? That's what vidDistill is for! Simply enter a YouTube URL, choose what percent of the original video length you want, and wait for a summarized video as output! Learn more about how vidDistill works here.


A unit of time that exactly subdivides media frame rates

Flicks is a unit of time defined in C++. It is slightly larger than a nanosecond that exactly subdivides media frame rates and sampling frequencies.


A suite of build tools for Roku/BrightScript development

From the Roku team at WillowTree, Inc., introducing three open source tools designed to make BrightScript/Roku channel development a little better/faster/stronger. (Not so much on the "harder")

Wist - BrightScript linter

Hinoki - Language Server Protocol implementation for Wist

Ukor - Support for build flavors

And a few other surprises.

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