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March 1st, 2019

Celik Nimani
Celik Nimani- Entrepreneur & Product Developer
I didn't see Muzli being enlisted as a must-have chrome extension here, but I find it as a useful and must-have chrome extension, especially because it improves my new tab experience and always make sure to have refreshed inspirations whenever you open a new tab or start the day. Highly recommended.
Lucas Carl
Lucas Carl- Web developer from Cologne
Design inspiration in every new tab. It's kind of a distraction but really cool
Mammad Emin
Mammad Emin- Designer
It's great Chrome extension for learning something new everyday
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A smart news reader, powered by integrations.

Ashwin- Web/Software developer
Great extension that curates top posts from popular feeds like ProductHunt, designer news, Hacker news and more. I personally sometimes feel it's quite slow but I'm ok to wait couple of seconds more to get all the relevant content in one go!
iMarty- Digital Inventor
For a new tab, inspiration.
William Channer
William Channer- Co-founder of Panda
Brings everything into one place so you don't miss out on the good stuff.
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Never search for a Voucher Code again.

Jonny Plein
Jonny Plein- Co-founder @Joinpouch
Great for UK users, automatically find you voucher codes!
Jonny Plein
Jonny Plein- Co-founder @Joinpouch
Automatically finds you voucher codes! Great if you are in the UK!
Jonny Plein
Jonny Plein- Co-founder @Joinpouch
Took us 2 days and $60 to make our explainer video using go animate
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