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November 1st, 2018


Make music while you write

The act of writing has always been an art. Now, it can also be an act of music. Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note putting a new spin on your composition. Personalize your writing by choosing between six unique moods. When you're finished writing share it with a click of a button!

Last year, we covered Jono Brandel and Lullatone's addictive site Patatap, which turns keyboard strokes into sounds and animations. Now they're are back at it with Typatone, an app that turns text into a lovely little xylophone melody. Like Patatap, Typatone puts a note to every keystroke, and typing out a message composes a song.
Typatone is digital typewriter that automatically composes songs out of your writing and available for iOS, Android and the Web.
Some thoughts on releasing projects on the internet.
5 Alternatives to Typatone


The Most Useful Creative Tool for Graphic Design and Drawing

Create sophisticated designs and graphics on your phone!

Communicate ideas easily with photos, typography, shapes, icons and lines.

Markup with notes and arrows, add text to photos or PDFs.

Design graphics, mockups, logos, stickers, Snapchat geofilters, or vector art; organize layers and save projects

8 Alternatives to CREATE

AR Text

The most creative way to add text & hashtag to your reality

AR TEXT is the best AR application for you to make your reality fun and creative !

Simply find a surface in your environment and then type out the words or hashtags you want to say~ Record it and share with your friends!

Coming soon to your pocket with the same date iOS 11 launch !!

#madewithARKit #ARText


Shazam for fonts! Identify fonts with your camera.

WhatTheFont uses Artificial intelligence to identify fonts in a design. Great for designers, crafters and anyone who loves typography. Perfect for when you see a great design and want to identify the fonts, or when your client sends you an image but doesn't know what fonts were used.

The Next Web
WhatTheFont is a Shazam for fonts - a designer's dream. The app is a mobile version of the website previously developed by MyFonts, and recognizes any font you point at with your camera, including a variation of similar fonts to go with it. It also lets you buy the fonts you find directly through MyFonts ...
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Enter WhatTheFont, an app created by the typography company Monotype. The app originally launched in 2009, but has been updated to use machine learning to identify fonts in any picture you upload or take through the app.
Design Week
WhatTheFont uses image recognition technology that enables people to discover what fonts are being used in real life, simply through snapping a photo of an object or sign. Monotype has launched an app that lets people take photos of things in the world around them and identify the typefaces being used.
If you're a designer, you'll know that font selection can make or break the effectiveness of your work. Often times when I'm away from home I'll see signs and ads with perfect type on them, and snap a photo for later.
6 Alternatives to WhatTheFont

Find my Font

Identify any free or commercial font with your camera!

Use Find my Font app to take a photo or load a gallery image and identify any free or commercial fonts in seconds!

Ideal for graphic designers, web-designers, sign makers and all font lovers who spend hours to search for a font.

Find my Font Desktop edition (Mac & Windows) will identify also your local fonts.

8 Alternatives to Find my Font


Typcas - Add Text on Photo, Write Words & Quotes on Pictures

Everyone can be a creative Typography editor with Typcas!

Typcas helps you create stunning typographic photo effects with beautiful FONTS, amazing 3D TOOLS, and gorgeous STICKERS & FILTERS!

Tom's Guide
Type in your photos with Typcas for iPhone. You can have fun with the photos you took using your iPhone writing on them with Typcas. The app features more than 100 hand picked font styles that you can use to bring some pop and detail to your photos.
Digital Trends
BlackCam helps you to take stunning black-and-white photographs with live preview. Because everyone knows that black-and-white photos are the classiest. Available on: Animated avatar emojis are coming. With ZMoji, you can create your own personal emojis and GIFs with avatars that look just like you, and use your GIFs within iMessage.
Yesterday's post covering the day's best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was a great one, and there are still a few freebies left if you hurry. We've got another terrific roundup for you today though, and it includes something for everyone.
Some people might never use an app like this, but more than a few live by Text Art and the like. This is the perfect app for when you have an excellent quote or poem that you want to show off in a gorgeous fashion.

Vector Logo Maker

Make professional logos instantly on your iPhone

Vector Logo Maker is a graphic design application that gives you a library of shapes, icons, and badge categories along with fonts, and many color palettes to design quality graphics for a unique professional vector logo, poster, flyer, app icon, character design you name it! . Create and design quality work in half the time

Typeface 2

Wonderful font manager for Mac

Typeface is a wonderful font manager for macOS that helps you pick the perfect type for your designs. A minimal interface and total focus on your fonts makes browsing your collection exciting and easy. And Typeface 2 lets you efficiently organize even the largest collections with new powerful font management features.

6 Alternatives to Typeface 2
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