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December 1st, 2019

Godayuse is world’s first portal specializes only in featuring day activities and hangouts that reveal each city’s best attractions to help people find interesting things to do and break their routine without having to travel or just spend a few hours sitting in a cafe or walking in a mall.

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Cairo Scene
Here we go again; another boring afternoon with your friend as you sit and try to name all of the nearby places that you can go to. You've been to the pizza joint down the street a billion times, and you've circled the exact same mall out of boredom about a trillion times.
مجلة رواد الأعمال
القاهرة: حنان سليمان في بدايات 2015، عاش شادي كمال أوقاتا صعبة بسبب ضغوط العمل وكان الوقت لا يسمح له بالسفر خارج مصر فبدأ البحث عن أماكت ترفيهية في الداخل يمكنه قضاء اليوم بها لكنه لم يجد بسهولة التفاصيل التي يريدها من أسعار وأماكن مناسبة لنزهات أسرية ومواعيد الزيارة وأوقات العطلة وتوفر أماكن لصف السيارات من عدمه وغيرها.
Chief Magazine
Welcome everyone to Chief Magazine. We recently interviewed the CEO and Founder of Godayuse, Mr. Shadi Kamal Kandil. We recently got introduced in LinkedIn and I would like to thank him for his interest to answer our questions and mostly in a very precise manner.
Digital Boom
The world's first day-use portal specializing only in day activities and hangouts that do not require traveling or spending only a few hours in restaurant or shopping mall is now accessible through website. It is so simple now for city residents, they can select their cities and enjoy the choice between many places and activities.
We all want to break the routine of our daily lives from time to time, but many of us do not have enough time or money to travel and at the same time, they are tired of going to the same traditional...
Go Day Use is a newly-launched website targeting residents of Egypt and UAE. The website hopes to help its users find a new, adventurous hangout when they're looking for a break in their usual entertainment routine of going to the movies or the mall.

Tourgoat is peer-to-peer guide platform. It allows you to choose a guide by language, interest, mode of tour for shorter or longer on demand. The idea came from my trip with my cousin to Rome and not properly prepared for the tour. We get to see the main sites but we had more time in our hands and overwhelmed what to do next.

HeyChefMe is a Kitchen Surfing & Social Dining App, it's mobile app that brings local people together to cook and share a meal.

HeyChefMe believes the best social experiences happen over a table full of tasty home-cooked food. Now your neighbourhood and local foodies are at your fingertips. Try delicious recipes together and make new friends!

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Sunubus is a collaborative mobile client application tive bus localization. Indeed, most solutions proposed in this area are subject to a heavy initial investment and a painful maintenance. Sunubus responds to this problem by motivating everyone to use their phone as a means of locating transmission lines.

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Par Kamel Grar. SM. Suivre n'importe quel bus à tout moment en temps réel ! C'est désormais possible pour les Dakarois. Sunubus est une application collaborative de localisation de bus. Elle est le fruit de plusieurs tentatives sans succès de mise en place d'une solution de localisation de bus fiable.

The revolutionary modular backpack organizes all your travel essentials with 6 different INCUBES and even reminds you to bring them!

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Gismo Review
Instinct Backpack is a travel modular backpack that comes with an app. Kicking off a new year, are you still using your aged backpack? If so, it's about the time to reward yourself a fresh look
Backpacks are handy for carrying lots of other things. They are designed to evenly distribute their load on your shoulders and hips, making them easy to carry for several hours. Millions of people heavily rely on backpacks to gather things such as laptops, books, little stationeries, etc.

Shep is a simple way for growing companies to create a travel policy, guide team bookings on top consumer travel sites and track expenses as they happen, with a lightweight Chrome browser extension.

This is an early access beta, exclusively for the Product Hunt community!

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Flagship Product, Shep, Helps Businesses Know Just How Much Is Spent by Business Travelers on Their Favorite Travel Sites AUSTIN, Texas-(BUSINESS WIRE)-February 22, 2018- Complai, the Austin-based makers of Shep, today announced the company has closed a $1.4 million seed funding round led by Moonshots Capital with participation from the Capital Factory, an A… See more
Austin-based startup, formerly known as, is a browser plug-in that facilitates open bookings that fall within the guidelines of a company's travel policy. CEO Daniel Senyard spoke to BTN's Julie Sickel about how the tool can help companies boost compliance. What sparked the idea for Shep?
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You're probably accustomed to hauling around grills that are cumbersome and oddly designed. Gizzo is completely different because it folds up into a laptop shape. Simply discard the coals into the proper receptacle, and fold the grill up. It might be mistaken for a laptop if you set it aside. This grill can be used in almost any outdoor location.

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Gizzo Grill
Try a camping grill that's easily transported between urban or rural locations. A culinary masterpiece is on the horizon. You're a big fan of barbecuing, but your situation doesn't match well with those huge grills at the local stores. Living out of your RV or running around in a van all day long makes an outdoor BBQ a ridiculous notion.
Gizzo Grill
Gizzo Grill is foldable, portable, and easy to use - all the right things that make up a perfect grill for apartments. The time of envying the families who could grill in their houses is over for you.
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This platform takes the hassle away from sharing recommendations, organising group trips and finding scattered info related to your trips. Behind the curtain, we are developing a new type of travel recommendations based on bahavioural sciences and applying AI to our unique dataset.

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Vestpod - Women & Money
Hi Claire! Please tell us a little bit about yourself. As a passionate traveller fascinated by Tech and all the opportunities it offers, I founded wOndary. In a past life, I worked in Investment Banking, advised startups and trained as an aspirant professional dancer.
Claire Trachet believes that the right mind-set can make the world a better place, one traveller at a time - which is why after six...
The international Startup Magazine
Please introduce yourself and your startup wOndary to our readers! We're Claire and Achim, co-founders of wOndary - a platform "connecting all your travel dots" by enabling you to save, organise and share everything related to your trips. We're on a mission to empower travellers to not travel as a tourists, but to explore and push their own boundaries.
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Friend Theory is an online platform that connects you to your friends' friends so you can find free accommodation anywhere in the world.

Using its original InrVert® system, LeTrav created the Austin Bag, a convertible and very practical backpack that becomes a stylish briefcase in just a few seconds, depending on your mood or situation. Simply unzip, flip the bag, and zip it up again to convert your bag in seconds.

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That's a common dilemma that's about to be easily solved. Busy executives and other professionals who are tired of carrying around a heavy, impractical and outdated briefcase throughout each day who are dying to drop it and trade it for the comfort of a backpack...

The Wooden City Map is created from city data that is transferred into the computer. All details such as roads, rivers, lakes, buildings and even parks are converted into layers to create 3D design.

We use 3mm sheets of high-quality plywood, all of which are hand finished.

We compare all the top travel sites in one simple search and help you to find the best flights and hotels. Our verified 1000s of online travel agencies and airlines helps you to cover worldwide travel needs. We cover both domestic and international market to find the hottest deals, even last minute flights

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"Weatherproof" recommends you always the right clothing for today's weather.

No more wet clothes or unnecessary freezing and sweating. Let the app check the weather conditions before leaving the house. A quick tap and you know the optimal outdoor clothing for the next few hours. FREE unlock code to remove of all ads for lifetime: unlock2604

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