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August 1st, 2019

'Choose Life' is a validation tool to help you make huge life changing decisions.

So many of us are stuck on the hamster wheel of life. This book is proof that by thinking just a little differently and taking what you perceive to be a risk, that you can actually forge a better and fuller life for yourself and your family.

Step off the wheel

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Nomad Capitalist
Andrew has been receiving questions about how Nomad Capitalist ranked their recent publication entitled, "Nomad Quality of Life Index." This Index featured 100 cities and how friendly they are to the Nomad lifestyle. Some of these cities like London and Dubai are lumped in with Lisbon and Malta Island, which to some, doesn't make sense.
Princes Off The Grid.
Travel blog of a family with 4 kids, homeschooling and home swapping there way around the world.
An Epic Education
Want to know how to do a home exchange with kids? If you're looking to do a home swap to travel more, then you can certainly learn something from Daniel Prince.[powerpress] How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids Dan and his family of six have been traveling the world for years using home swaps to save thousands upon thousands of dollars.

A book on the art of living everywhere and eating everything

GASTRONOMAD is a book 10 years in the making — it's about how (and why) to travel the world full time and enjoy the world's most incredible food.

Around the web
I just published a labor of love, my new book: Gastronomad: The Art of Living Everywhere and Eating Everything. (It's available on See more
7 Alternatives to Gastronomad

Daily space tourism headlines delivered straight to you

Space Tourism Headlines is an Amazon Alexa skill that delivers daily space tourism briefings straight to your echo device. Space tourism is on the cusp of going mainstream w/ major news happening on a regular basis. If you're interested in space tourism & want to catch up on the news on a regular basis, add this flash briefing to get daily updates.

Keep up to date on upcoming rocket launches and news.

Major companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, World View Enterprises, and Virgin Galactic are leading the way into a new generation of spaceflight, capitalizing on the technology and industry developments of NASA, Boeing, and Orbital ATK. Each week, hear upcoming rocket launches from around the world from the launch calendar at

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