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August 1st, 2019

Edwin Wee
Edwin Wee- chief millennial officer @ stripe
If you're looking for a *skateboard*, rather than a longboard, check out Acton.
Philipp WΓΌthrich
Philipp WΓΌthrich- πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­
Their boards are good but they don't have great customer support... I ordered the Acton Blink S2 (In the Indiegogo campaign) in December. They said it would come in January, still don't have it.
2 Alternatives to Acton Blink

eScooter that runs 100+km on a single charge πŸ›΅

NIU is optimistic about the future of living in cities. We are here to free you from urban congestion, and to inspire you to unlock the potential of your city.

πŸ›΅ World's #1 Smart eScooter

πŸ›΅ Bosch Motor + Panasonic Battery

πŸ›΅ 100km+ on a single-charge

πŸ›΅ APP Connected

πŸ›΅ GPS Security

πŸ›΅ €0.30* / 100km

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Wang Xiao Pian, 38, said she began selling Niu scooters in 2015 and opened a store in Beijing's central east Dongcheng district in April 2017. She said the store sold more than 300 scooters in August, and at least as many in September so far.
While electric scooters (Vespa-style, not Razor-style) are not very widespread yet in the US, they are quickly becoming the most common form of transportation in Chinese cities. This is largely due to environmentally sustainable government policies which make gas-powered motorcycles and scooters either illegal or impractically expensive in Chinese cities.
5 Alternatives to NIU

World's lightest folding electric bike πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

CARBO is the lightest, most performant electric bike - carefully engineered for easy use and durability.

Following years of experience in the electric bike and carbon fiber industry, we at CARBO have decided to Redefine what a Folding Electric Bike should be: Light, Simple, Durable, Beautiful, and still Affordable.

13 Alternatives to CARBO

Smart Dashcam with safety features πŸ“ΉπŸš—

70mai Dash Cam Pro is an in-car DVR featured multiple functions to promote safer driving experience.

βœ… Parking Surveillance

βœ… Advanced Driver-Assistance System

βœ… Superb Day and Night Vision

βœ… APP Enabled, Easy Play Back and Download

βœ… Compact Design

βœ… 3-minute Installation

βœ… Voice Control

7 Alternatives to 70mai Dash Cam Pro
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