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November 1st, 2018

Find a pet sitter near you or become one

blepi Haustier-Freund is new free app for Android and iPhone User, developed in Germany. Here you can find a pet sitter near you or you can offer your own services as a pet sitter and earn a bit. Pet sitter and the pets are well-insured during sitting-time. Additionally you can find here pet groomers, shelters, vets and dog trainer.

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blepi Haustier-Freund
Bele Marie ist eine tolle junge Frau, Studentin und Bloggerin, die mich mit ihrem Lebensstil und Charakter sehr inspiriert. Wir haben uns zum Kaffee bei mir betroffen und daraus ist ein entspanntes Interview entstanden. Lese hier weiter und erfahre mehr: Eine Powerfrau über ihr Start-Up, ihre App blepi und ihre Katzen Fragen aus dem Interview (Zusammenfassun… See more

manager, devices, gold, operations, device, mobile, neonband

Manager for Devices Gold is a user-friendly app that provides quick access to detailed characteristics of any device info.

You can get full information about your operating system, processor, display, battery, network, connected external devices and much more. Moreover, Manager for Devices Gold generates text reports, with the ability to take notes there. After that you're able to print or share them with friends.

Find any device data in the quickest way with Manager for Devices Gold! Install it now and get the right information when you need it.

Scanner, Docs, Pro, Image, text, editor, analyse,

Scanner for Docs Pro is an application that allows you to identify text in images. It can recognize any text, even if the image has not so good quality. You can do lot of your tasks with text easier and faster. With this app you can collect the desired text info from scanned books, magazines, brochures, any advertising images, etc. Just select an image, scan the text and save as a .txt or .docx file.

Scanner for Docs Pro is the easiest way to get the text from any image!

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