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July 1st, 2019

Novo Watch- -Dowlais 1884 Edition is a handcrafted watch made from a 133 year old reclaimed railway line. This mechanical watch is a throwback to when a watch was not just a watch but something that was shared and passed on by generations.

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We assemble and finish the product right here in Alberta, Canada. A retired piece of history has travelled through the hands of 5 artisans to become your new favourite time piece.
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Like all of the other creations that have come out of the Novo Watches shop in Alberta, Canada over the past few years, the Dowlais 1884 Edition is a gorgeous timepiece that's going to make looking at your phone or asking Alexa for the time a thing of the past.
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Ideally, we can use our past to build our future. NOVO watch takes that sentiment literally. The Canadian company runs under this mission statement: To "repurpose historical materials into handmade timepieces." A mantra exemplified nicely by their new Dowlais 1884 Edition, a manually-wound watch forged of reclaimed steel from the Canadian Pacific Railway tra… See more

A secure online project & collaboration workspace

ConceptDraw PLAN 2.0 is a major upgrade of the online pm solution for ConceptDraw users. The renewed Resource Usage page allows you to analyze the loading of shared resources from Workspace Resource Pool. Invite your colleagues to upload their projects and create a common resource pool for all your projects.

Automatic time tracker for developers

It automatically records DEVELOPER's activity while helping MANAGERS collect team's timelogs, handle booking, budget & invoicing.


Because developers have to deal with multiple tasks per day, and accurately reporting time takes a lots of effort. This is the first real automated activity tracker, that make is easy to confirm and submit time.

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Automatically track SSH sessions, deployments, maintenance..

The CLI is designed to help developers track their terminal activities such as SSHing into servers, deploying, running tests, reporting maintenance work, etc.

Featues: start/stop timer, last ssh connections (unix like), record activities, timelogs and more.

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All developers know that accurately tracking time is boring, takes a lot of discipline and effort. Such effort could be better invested in increasing
4 Alternatives to WeeklyTimelog CLI for Terminal

Have a complete report of all tasks done on your computer.

You'll have a daily applications log and get a better understanding of how and what are you spending or using your time.

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