Best of Time Tracking Github Apps

Discover and download great Time Tracking apps for Github.

March 1st, 2019

ulogme is one of those hidden gems of GitHub. It tracks your keyboard usage *locally* and comes with some rudimentary-looking, but pretty informative visualizations of your activity. (I only just realized when posting this that it was made by Andrej Karpathy (Dir. of AI at Tesla) back in the day)

Cross-platform Timetracking app and JIRA plugin

Chronos is a Timetracking system for JIRA. It consists of two projects: Chronos Timetracker - free open-sourced desktop client for tracking JIRA worklogs, and Chronos Timesheets - rich and flexible JIRA plugin for vieweing worklogs.

A command line interface for GitLabs time tracking feature.

gtt takes out the pain of GitLab time tracking: it monitors the time you spent on an issue or merge request locally and syncs it to GitLab. It also allows you to create reports in various formats from time tracking data stored on GitLab.

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