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September 1st, 2018


Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵

Francesco D'Alessio- Productivity App Reviewer
Reducing phone distractions is key for college/university students. This app has been amazingly beneficial for students out there looking to remove the temptation of their social networks.
Pavan Sethi- building things.
One of my favorite apps :) Set a timer for how long you cannot touch your phone. The more time you stay focused, the more coins you get to plant virtual trees in your forest (if you touch your phone, your tree dies!). The best part is that coins can eventually be used to plant real trees!
Sabra Rubinstein- Marketing Manager at Avantpage
Love this app! I didn't realize how much I pick up my phone while working on projects till I started using it.
5 Alternatives to Forest


Lifestyle tracker and calorie counter

Maks Koseda 📚💻- 🎓 Studying: Software Engineering 👨‍💻
Takes care of the health aspect. Scanning products is super easy (you can scan the barcode or, if you pay for premium, just take a picture of the meal!). It definitely made me healthier overall
Jeff Waters- Product Manager, VIPole
I have been using Lifesum too. I like it a lot.
Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
Would be worth checking out Lifesum also. I think you're already using the best apps available though 😀. I haven't found anything perfect for tracking both. I think it's a tough space since what people do for diet/exercise is generally so different. Too much to fit in a single app.
10 Alternatives to Lifesum
Francisco Franco- Android developer, self employed
Outstanding, frustration free & out of the box design 5217 helps guiding you through work with a simple yet very effective 52 minutes to work, 17 minutes break fixed cycles. I'm biased because I'm the developer, but the community feedback has been amazing since day 1. Oh and it has Android Wear support so that you don't have to look at your phone during … See more
Arielle Crane
I've been loving this time tracking tool. Super intuitive and easy to use. - you just hit play on the timer and track every second you work on a project. You can even run two timers at once - easily punch in the time you did not track live, just in case - easily track your time by project and activity - you can also create invoices based on the time tracked … See more
Mario Gabriele- Future of Work
Very slick. Like how seamless integration with invoicing is.
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Automatic time tracking made easy

TimeCamp 2.0 is an easy to use time tracking software for teams and freelancers packed with budgeting, invoicing and powerful reporting.

Ola Rybacka- Social media freak, blogger
Time tracking is extremely helpful when in need to increase productivity! Know how much time you spent on each task and analyze the reports. TimeCamp is also available for all the platforms and devices, and the versions synchronize perfectly!
Ola Rybacka- Social media freak, blogger
Creating invoices from billable hours in TimeCamp is a piece of cake!
Ola Rybacka- Social media freak, blogger
Students can find out how much time they usually spend on each subject, homework etc. and then improve productivity to achieve better results!
At TimeCamp we know the importance of solving problems efficiently. As a team of people who want to deliver the best product to our customer, we often meet multiple challenges. And facing them with the positive attitude and creativity stimulates us to create an even better version of the product.
Happy to announce TimeCamp has been recently added to Trello Power-Ups, a new directory for Trello's add-ons! Now you can turn your TimeCamp and Trello integration into a real productivity powerhouse. We spent a lot of time describing how Trello and TimeCamp integration works: How Can You Track Time for Your Tasks in Trello?
What are users saying about TimeCamp? Read real TimeCamp reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.
I think that the greatest asset we dispose of at the moment is the automatic time counting and distribution of projects on the basis of by keywords we use.
Disclaimer: The following data listing has been provided by the startup itself and TechPluto do not endorse anything mentioned in this startup listing. This listing is for informational purpose only. For checking out detailed startup reviews, please visit our "Featured Startups" section. TimeCamp was founded by Kamil Rudnicki on Aug 2010.
6 Alternatives to TimeCamp


#1 Project Management and Task Management Software

Orangescrum is an awesome Project Management and Collaboration software; organize projects, team, and tasks at one place. It has cloud & on-premises edition with multiple features like Gantt chart, Time log, Kanban View, Daily Email Catch-Up and many more. It has also android and iOS mobile apps to access anytime, anywhere.

Project kick-off meeting is the most essential part of project success. A project manager's responsibility is to keep track of all efforts and these must be deputed to ensure the things on the right note with our best foot forward.
It is always exciting to add new features to your product. And more so when that feature is one that your customers desperately want - Subtasks! Orangescrum has always been very cognizant of its customers' needs and what would be best for them.
Project management can be an extremely frustrating process, which is why OrangeScrum exists. Without access to a convenient hub keeping all the important elements, items and resources in one place, the best-laid plan can fall apart over time- but vice versa, even OrangeScrum won't save you if your project is lacking at the managerial level.
Project reports are very much essential for better project management to track the project progress in terms of planning vs. actual output and to identify various risk and challenges in projects. To overcome these situations OrangeScrum has come up with various types of new intuitive project reports.
It is a great sense of pride that OrangeScrum has been featured in the top free open source project management software by the best business listing & reviews hub website Capterra. Again!
We all know how important it is to categorize your tasks into labels. Task Labeling simplifies task management and is one of the most effective ways to keep track of all your ongoing Tasks and be more productive. Labels can help you quickly see certain things that several tasks have in common, like requirements, locations, dependencies, or important time con… See more
Hi There! OrangeScrum is back with a slew of new important features to enable efficient task management. This time the focus is to make task management robust and further enable agile and scrum project management. Task Linking and New Task Types have been launched to enable greater sync across tasks and apt categorization so that your project plans do not go… See more
Employees working for long hours and badging themselves as "I am busy" is not uncommon these days. Researchers show that a busy and overworked lifestyle has become an aspirational status symbol instead of productivity. Read why "being busy is not a badge of honor".
Project management and task management software OrangeScrum has been awarded with two prestigious awards by SoftwareSuggest the best B2B product and customer review directory. OrangeScrum has received the "Customer's Choice for 2018" and "Great User Experience Award for 2018" among the top Project Management Softwares.
Wellbeing is not the word that springs to mind when we think of project management. Wellbeing is something we may focus on in our spare time to recover and get back to balance. Let's examine the four ingredients that lead to wellbeing.
OrangeScrum offers 2 Self-Hosted solutions. One is the Self-Hosted of the Cloud Edition and the other is the Enterprise On-Premise solution. Self Hosted has the same features as seen in the cloud and you can signup for our 30-day free cloud trial before purchasing the self-hosted edition.
When it comes to business success, you must be proficient in project management. Project management is very straightforward. You can set a deadline and set right people in the right place to get things done correctly. Read this article to know how you can improve your employees' productivity.
The Avengers introduced the world with a bunch of superheroes. Each has their unique abilities, motivations, and sparkling personalities. And the most important lesson they have spread across is how to get along and function as a team, where collective heroics are celebrated over individual exploits!
We're delighted to share the list of OrangeScrum Enterprise updates. Few new features like Checklists, Date Time Format, User Profile Edit, Weekend & Holiday Management along with new designs for Task List, Task detail Page, Project Overview, Kanban, Milestone, Workflow Management etc. have been released.
Hola! To serve our non-English speaking customers better, we are thrilled to announce that OrangeScrum is now available in multilingual. Currently, You can use Spanish only. We will release the German & French support to follow suit soon 🙂 We believe that the Spanish version of OrangeScrum will help your team break cultural barriers and make your staff feel… See more
As a project manager, you are the one others turn to for day-to-day decision-making, direction, and issue resolution. It is important that you set a good example and seek to be the best you can every single day. The 7 areas below will help you achieve that.
Hello Orangescrumers! Hope all is going excellent at your end. I am here to give you a quick view of OrangeScrum 's March 2018 product update. Unlike my previous articles, now you'll get an idea how we encourage feedback's and implement in Orangescrum. May be you can see your idea got implemented in Orangescrum?
Teams work smarter and are further committed towards achieving a common goal when powered by effective collaboration. Login to your Orangescrum account and upgrade your account with Standard Plan or any higher plan to get new in-app chat for team collaboration.
We have seen a surge in Project Managers and IT Managers engaging with us for a Project Management Solution. And in our efforts to help them achieve their desired outcomes and ease their challenges we found them to be eager to move from spreadsheet management to true project management.
The last couple of weeks have been busy, really busy for our product team at Orangescrum. Thanks to our ever-engaged Orangescrum'ers who are ever vocal about our SaaS ( Cloud) edition. It is this continuous supply of adrenaline rush that keeps us going. "That's a good headache for us" as quipped by my Manager.


Control how much you work. A simple and free time tracker.

KronoWork is a productivity app to control how much you work. One click. Free.

No more messy manual logs, excel timesheets, or complicated tracking systems: easily control your time, comply with your work responsibilities and improve your work-life balance.

A simple time tracker created for you.

"If you can measure it, you can manage it"

Simply.Digital - Goals & Tasks

Todo list to track your time & help set meaningful deadlines

Organize your tasks into color-coordinated Goals (basically categories) and have the time you spend automatically added up both for reflecting on the past and seeing how booked you are looking forward. Scheduling works more like a paper planner, where you can jot things down for a specific date as well as weeks, months, or even just 2017.

Kelly I. Williams
This to do list adds up how you use your time automatically using your tasks. So it works both looking backwards and seeing how booked you are coming up. No timers. And it works for anything you put in your to-do list, not just on the computer (so exercise too, for example).
Kelly I. Williams
I live my life out of this app! The founder, @kaitlynhanrahan has managed to build the to do list I always dreamed existed.
Kaitlyn Hanrahan- Simply.Digital
It sounds like you are exactly describing my to do list, Simply Goals & Tasks. There are color coded categories (called Goals because you can say how much time you *want* to be spending on them). This way you can have a work and fitness tasks all together but still separated. The scheduling works more like a paper planner, where you can add things to… See more
11 Alternatives to Simply.Digital - Goals & Tasks

UP! keeps track of your physical activity, your work-life balance, sleeping habits and your social activity for you and all on its own. Manage early warning signs, note your mood and generate long-term reports.

Get to know you and your life even better. Recognize negative behavioral patterns and establish healthy new ones. Live a life in balance!

Pioneers is pleased to confirm that Vishal Gulati, healthtech investor at Draper Esprit, will deliver a keynote at Health.Pioneers in Amsterdam on October 25, for which we've also just confirmed the 15 startups who'll pitch. Here he shares insights on the subject of patient empowerment and data-driven innovation in healthcare - plus some concrete advice to t… See more
Zum Tag der bipolaren affektiven Störung (BAS) stellen drei Grazer Softwareentwickler eine neue Handy-App vor. Sie soll anhand von Verhaltensmustern erkennen, ob sich ein Patient einer Manie oder Depression annähert.
Das Grazer Startup meemo-tec will Menschen mit bipolarer Störung mit seiner App helfen. Mit der MedUni Graz gibt es bereits eine Kooperation. Die Pilotstudie startet im Juli. Wie geht es dir?", fragt die Meemo-tec-App am Abend. Der User, der von der App befragt wird, lebt mit einer bipolaren Störung, also mit einer krankhaften Extremschwankung der Stimmung z… See more

Calendar Counter

Keep track of all your business and private activities

Calendar Counter analyzes calendars on your phone and shows you how much time you spend on different activities.

The app checks for keywords in your event names, descriptions and locations and automatically creates tags from most popular words.

Smarter Time

Automatically measure, analyze and improve your use of time

We all feel under pressure these days - we lack control over our time.

Smarter Time is a mobile Artificial Intelligence that gives you time back for what really matters. Imagine if you could have proper self-knowledge, then the power to make the change you need.

What would you do with one more hour every day? Let’s make 2018 the year you find out!

Fast Company
Those worried that the rise of artificial intelligence means that r obots will take their job might feel comforted by the fact that many AI tools are actually being designed not to replace humans, but to help them do their jobs better.
The Next Web
If you walk along a certain route, and you tell the app you're walking your dog, it'll learn from this, and use the information as it goes forward. It also offers a Mac and Windows app that does a similar thing. It tracks what you're doing, and uses the data to build your daily profile.
France 24
A daily update on the latest business and economic news. Live on weekdays at 8.15 am Paris time. He joined FRANCE 24 in 2012 after stints in London and Dublin. He presents live business updates, the weekly show People & Profit, and covers events like the World Economic Forum in Davos.
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