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September 1st, 2018


A better community platform for the modern web

NodeBB is modern forum software that combines all the communication tools of today's mobile and social web with the deep community engagement of classic Internet bulletin boards. Built on the high-performance Node.js platform, NodeBB can scale to power the largest and most active brand communities.

Santosh Maharshi- Startup consultant. Venture Partner
Modern forum software.
Alex Kaul- Researcher & Maker
NodeBB rocks!
When we needed a blazing fast, modern forum application, we turned to NodeBB forum software. And we wanted to host it on Bluemix, the IBM Cloud platform based on Cloud Foundry. But first we needed to figure out how to install and configure it on Bluemix.
CMS Critic
NodeBB, the Canadian company with the goal of modernizing Internet forums, is proud to announce version 1.6.0 of their software, which features a completely re-written rendering system to dramatically improve performance. "While our customers have generally been happy with the speed of NodeBB, in our hearts we always knew we could do even better," says NodeB… See more


Build product roadmaps, manage ideas, and make users happy.

Neil Chalk- Product Manager, 15below
Great product that helps focus on ideas and feedback, easy to create and share roadmaps. Also has an easy to customise workflow status and board to track progress
Tanya Timmers- Melbourne based Product Manager
I think ProdPad is exactly what you're looking for. I've been it for storing ideas, customer feedback and roadmapping and love it.
Beno Rudolf- Frontend engineer @ D·Labs
Focusing on your product and not timelines, ProdPad is admittedly the best product managment software out there. Continuous development, heavily based on product manager feedback, with the founding team comprised of world leading product management experts. All that topped by a dedicated and passionate core team whose work shines throughout the product.
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Follow conferences and professional events around the world

Conferize is the best way to gather your tribe and share interests. Create your event website, sell tickets & build your social community – all in one place.

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Kanban Software for Lean Management

Kanbanize was born out of necessity for higher productivity and efficiency.

Dima Moroz- Digital Marketer
Much more powerful than most of the Kanban-centered apps. Has workflow automation rules, boards & swimlanes, email integration and powerful analytics suite powered by ActionableAgile™
Pavel Naydenov- Online Marketing Expert SEM/SEO
It is a great product. Really flexible and full of features. Analytics panel where you can forecast future work. Plenty of integrations with other tools. I will say it is a bit more complex because of its many features, but it is user friendly, so people can adapt easy. Free trial is available for 30 days.
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Finances real estate through a form of crowdfunding.

PeerStreet is a marketplace that provides unprecedented access to high quality real estate loan investments.
Many of our customers like investing in the assets we make available on PeerStreet, but not everyone knows the deeper story about how these investments have the capacity to change lives.
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Nimble has re-imagined customer relationship management

Nimble builds award-winning contact management solutions for teams and individuals.

It combines the strengths of traditional CRM, classic contact management, social media, sales intelligence and marketing automation into a powerful relationship management platform that delivers relationship insights everywhere you work.

Hunter Walk- Partner, Homebrew
Adding recommendations from other folks on twitter/fb so there's a single list
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Ask Gary Vee Show

Let Gary Vee punch out the entrepreneur out of you

Richard DiBona- Co-Founder, Post With Me
Earlier this year, I put together a playlist of 155 videos I found by scouring Youtube. I got YouTube Red, downloaded them to my phone, and listen to them as podcasts. Enjoy!
Kristian Kabuay- Artist @
No BS and straight to the point!
Nick Hollinger- Co-Founder & CEO @ Visitor Queue
Good for a range of topics. Wouldn't listen if you don't like profanity though:)
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