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July 1st, 2019

Y Combinators new podcast on starting a startup

Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud- Growth & Product Marketer
The reference in entrepreneurship
Allen lee
Allen lee- Founder of Wormhole
How to build a successful business / become a great founder, no BS. ✊️
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
The Y Combinator Podcast is pretty recent, but it's one of my favorite ones so far. Great content and speakers, and a wide range of topics. It's pretty high level and inspirational rather than technical, but you should give it a try. :)
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Learn how top execs use data to transform their industries

Ever wonder how your favorite businesses use data to optimize their strategies?

Each week on Deciding by Data, serial entrepreneurs Andrew Weinreich and Jeremy Levy interview business leaders about how numbers drive decisions at their companies.

This podcast is sponsored by Indicative, the leading behavioral analytics platform.

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Deciding by Data
Can we boil down an entrepreneur's success to their DNA? Adeo Ressi, Founder and CEO of the Founder Institute, says yes. This startup accelerator determines acceptance into its prestigious launch program in part based on a series of psychometric tests they claim to determine if a candidate has "Entrepreneur DNA."
Deciding by Data
While you probably recognize Bitly as those short links you see on Twitter, the company's most valuable service revolves around data. In addition to its free link shortening tool, Bitly serves thousands of paying brand customers by managing their links and providing analytics.
Deciding by Data
Matt Turck, a Managing Director of FirstMark Capital, invests in early-stage enterprise and consumer startups, with a focus on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Previously, he helped start the investment segment of Bloomberg LP, Bloomberg Ventures, where he was a Managing Director.
David S. Rose, one of the most prominent angel investors in New York, says angel investing is about to change for good. David has founded half a dozen companies, but his latest, Gust, is a SaaS platform connecting entrepreneurs to early-stage investors.

Growth stories - of companies, tech, cities & more.

The How Things Grow Podcast tells the stories of the people who help companies, technologies and economic systems take off - either in recent times or way back in the past. Each episode features an interview with one of the leading growth practitioners, entrepreneurs, experts or historians in the world today.

Apps are crucial to your success. "App Man" Jeremy Callahan shares why apps are your vehicle to more money and how they can transform your business. With over 20 years of mobile app developing experience, Jeremy will share his tips and tricks of the trade and answer the ultimate question - to app or not to app?

New podcast to help you succeed by putting people first.

'The Humans Strike Back' by Hotjar is a weekly podcast designed to help you succeed by putting people first.

Each week, learn the stories of other humans who are making a difference & thriving by putting their users, customers, team members first – so you can learn from them, take action and grow.

Available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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Hotjar is launching 'The Humans Strike Back' as a podcast, and a website, and a community about helping each other succeed as individuals, as employees, and as business owners by putting people first. Here is why it's time to put people first - in tech, in marketing, in everything.
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You are listening to The Scaling Startups Podcast a personal project hosted by Ross Sheil. This podcast is all about company building and technology where you will learn from the experience and lessons learned of the world’s best leaders and subject matter experts on starting, running and scaling companies.

Follow the show on @ScalingStartups!

Around the web
Scaling Startups
This podcast is all about company building and technology where you will learn from the experience and lessons learned of the world's best founders, leaders, and subject matter experts on starting, running and scaling companies. If you are interested in the art and science of managing a startups growth through to scale this podcast is for you.
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