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November 1st, 2017

Oyster 2.0

Unlimited books only $9.95/mo and now a bookstore

Allison Esposito- Founder of Tech Ladies
Hi Product Hunt Friends! For those of you that have already tried Oyster, you know that you can subscribe to read as many books as you'd like for $9.95 a month. Today, we're launching a store so all readers (even non-subscribers) can purchase and read virtually any book on Oyster! With Oyster you get recommendations based on what you like to read, and excl… See more
Nicolas Princen- Founder & CEO, Glose
Hey @micah @eriktorenberg thanks for your comment. It is true that catalog is a big driver - I'd actually say it's the minimum to qualify in the eyes of the consumer/reader. If you want people to trust you and stick with you you just need the books. We've been working on that a lot, going from 5 to 600 publishers on board in the last few months - with both b… See more
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Founderfox 2.0

Pitch your startup to the world

Kori Handy- Design Founder @designfirstapps
Thanks for checking us out, come pitch your startup in the app with a 1 minute video. Your pitch will instantly post live in the app and the website so VCs, and other users around the world can view your startup. Anyone can comment on pitches, bookmark pitches, share or upvote its a really fun and easy app, come try it out. Also any startup that pitches be… See more
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Discover new books from a library of quotable passages 📚

Lukasz Konofalski- Founder of Postepic app
Hi everyone! I’m Lukasz, one of the makers of Postepic. Thanks @nivo0o0 for hunting us! We created Postepic as a side project because we were missing something simple that could: - capture and collect in one place interesting quotes from the books we were reading (paperback books, Kindle, book reading apps) - discover new books by browsing quotes shared b… See more
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Startup Patterns

Bite-sized startup lessons for busy founders

Hicham Amine- Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
Hello PH community, My name is Hicham, and I’m one of the makers of Startup Patterns. We created Startup Patterns to provide all startup founders with a collection of curated and practical lessons from the best books, blogs and talks. Our vision is to build the biggest go-to library of bite-sized knowledge about all the themes involved in the journey of… See more
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Hardbound 3.0

Illustrated summaries of bestselling nonfiction books

David Adamu- Co-founder, Cultured 🦄
I use Hardbound because they've succeeded to live up to their word - 'insist on making you smarter', as opposed to similar info on social networks that leave you feeling empty. Quite a number of people know Hardbound, but I feel not a lot of people have discovered this awesomeness.
David Adamu- Co-founder, Cultured 🦄
Hardbound insists on making you smarter in 5 min reads. The tap-to-progress format they use in displaying stories is highly immersive and engaging 💯
Nathan Bashaw- Co-founder and CEO of Hardbound
I'd love to humbly suggest Hardbound! You browse our selection and choose a book (we have many that apply to project management) and we give you the main idea in a 5-minute, fun, illustrated summary.
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Kobo Audiobooks

Experience the joy of being told a story

Kobo Audiobooks is a way to discover the art of being told a story. Listen to audiobooks from your favorite authors and narrators on the Kobo iOS and Android apps. Sign up for a free 30 day trial at and let us know what you think.

You can find any audiobook and ebook you buy in one place within Kobo's iOS and Android apps. Once you've chosen what to listen to, the apps' built-in player will give you the power to choose your preferred narration speed.
Kobo's never had an issue taking on the bigwigs. It's outlasted bigger names like Sony and Barnes & Noble in the devoted e-reader space, and now it's ready to take a swipe at Audible's marketshare dominance. The Rakuten-owned company has just announced the launch of its own audiobook service.
Kobo has launched an audiobook subscription service claiming to offer "the best value on a subscription plan in the category". The Canada-based e-book company follows rivals such as Amazon's Audible and Scribd in entering the audio book download and subscription market, after sales of the medium have soared over the last two years.
The Verge
Audiobook fans have a new option to comparison shop against. Rakuten Kobo has announced it's adding audiobooks to its iOS and Android ebook apps, with two ways to buy them: a la carte, or with a $10 per month subscription service that nets you one book per month.
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