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August 1st, 2019

MOVI is the most innovative, ergonomic, spacious standing desk add-on. Sit and stand effortlessly with one-touch electric lift. MOVI gives you the ability to sit and stand effortlessly, with the touch of a button.

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For a good period of time you would hear about the negative impact that sitting for long periods of time can create.
A few weeks ago, we wrote about the launch of the most stylish standing desk that's ever been invented (disclaimer: we voted). It was cruel, really. We dangled it in front of your perfectly level eyes (no slouching here)-its sleek bamboo finish, minimalist design and enticing smart technology-only to inform you that it wasn't yet available to order.
Daniel Angelini worked in the IT industry for 12 years and some of the biggest companies in Australia including Telstra, ANZ and more recently at Uber. Daniel Angelini sat working for at least 12 hours per day, and after he and other family members experienced back injuries, he began to investigate the impact of sitting and health.

The Laptop Stand that becomes part of your laptop

The Veego stand attaches to your laptop so you'll never forget it. The Veego Stand is thin, light, folds flat, and reduces soreness from "laptop hunch"

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