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March 1st, 2019

Cargo-bike capacity with standard city-bike footprint

The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or 180 kg of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long—the same length as a standard ebike. With Tern’s folding technology, it packs down small enough to fit in a VW Touran or an urban apartment. Plus, it adjusts to fit riders from 150 – 195 cm—so mom, dad and the kids can all share it.

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designboom | architecture & design magazine
the tern GSD is an electric cargo bicycle that can fold, adjust, and cruise 150 miles on a single charge.
The newest e-bike from Tern is a utility bicycle meant to let you transport your family around or move heavy loads easily.
The new GSD E-Bike from Tern provides the best of both worlds for cargo bikers. It measures the same length as a typical e-bike but has room for cargo hold panniers and up to two child seats. And since it's...
The new Tern GSD looks to be a perfect blend of electric and cargo bikes, as it can carry several passengers & a total of about 400 pounds, without being any longer than a standard bike.

Play explosive real-time multiplayer croquet right from your phone! Practice on your own, play against your friends, or be matched to players from around the world!

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We have had a lot of fun building this game! We hope you enjoy! Play explosive real-time multiplayer croquet right from your phone! Download on iOS: See more

Learn gymnastics skills on rings you always dreamed of.

The Dream Machine is the safest and most effective way to learn new gymnastics strength skills on rings. No spotter needed and no fear of injury. Reducing 50% of your body weight, the machine allows the user to practice holds and movements while replicating the actual skill.

Add weights to the belt as strength is built to increase resistance!

Social Table Tennis Leagues around Your Schedule

Pulse Leagues brings you social Table Tennis Leagues to a Bar near you.

For Players: We find you a new opponent weekly. Lock in a time that suits you both to meet up that week. Receive bar discounts every match day. Report scores from phone. Instant leaderboard updates.

For Bars: Bring in regular customers every week during slow periods.

Your personal fitness assistant for iPhone and Apple Watch

When you have a workout, you have to remember all of your exercises and their sequence. Why should you waste your energy on such trifles and not to give it to your personal assistant?

FitQueue will deal with it for you, so you can be concentrated on your results only. All what you need is your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Smart personal fitness assistant I want to introduce the product with a simple question. When you have a workout, you need to remember all your exercises and their sequence. Why do not you care so much about your energy and do not give up your personal assistant?
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Track the strikes you throw at the punching bag

PunchLab is a Mobile App that will turn your punching bag into a device able to detect, measure, and react to your strikes. No additional device other than your smartphone is needed. It uses the existing technology in your phone to give you real-time feedback on your bag workout and offers training routines pre-programmed by world-level athletes.

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PunchLab brings punching bags to life with a Mobile App that "hacks" your smartphone sensors Boxing training workout just got better and more fun with Punchlab is the first sports tech App that turns any punching bag into an interactive device and tracks heavy bag workouts.
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A basket ball hoop accessory that lights up your shot.

Bored of shooting by yourself? Get HoopLight™ now and turn your basketball hoop into your personal arcade. Play alone or with friends. You will never want to stop shooting! HoopLight™ features dozens of unique patterns and lighting effects. Just take your best shot and watch as your hoop lights up when the ball goes through!

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Place FREE bets on NFL matches and win cash and real prizes

FanCoin is a free-to-play sports betting app, where sports fans can place FREE bets on NFL and soccer matches and have the chance to win cash and real prizes.

Personal Trainer available anywhere at anytime to get fit

Fitme is a service that enables people to reach their fitness goals within their chosen location on demand. By providing accountability and the convenience of utilizing a local personal trainer, this app assists in increasing a healthy lifestyle. People have the confidence to choose their trainer based on their personal fitness goals with Fitme.

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