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July 1st, 2019

Feel the Heat in 5 Seconds. Everything-Proof + New Heat Tech

The Humbgo XG Jacket's one of the FIRST to use Graphene in a heated coat. This breakthrough, ultra-thin material gives precise, even heat at 5x thinner than other heat tech. The shell is Teflon-coated to make it Windproof, Waterproof, Stainproof. Oh, and it's 100% Washable. I was super lucky to test it out. Makes me feel like I'm an Olympian!

E-board that pushes, carves & pumps like traditional one.

The Dualomo™ Hybrid is the world's first high-performance electric board designed to push, carve and pump more like a traditional longboard.

Push it naturally or use the handheld remote to power up fast; it's your life (and we just made it 1000% more fun).

Vela Watch helps you to live a better life by keeping your heart health on track, managing your stress and your vital body signs.

✅HRV Analysis & Heart Disease Diagnosis

✅Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

✅Managing Your Stress

✅Heart Rate Zones to Optimize Your Workouts

✅Comprehensive Sleep Analysis

✅Female Hormone Tracking

New type of sportswear which helps you to better results

Fasciawear is patented solution and the only sportswear that actually improves performance and helps you to get the most out of a workout. Wearing Fasciawear during exercise helps you to :

✅Maximise workout impact

✅Reduce after train muscle pain

✅Speed up recovery

✅Increase body awareness

✅Maintain good body posture

✅Improve motion control

Multifunctional home gym with personal trainer app

Weela is new kind of home gym with patented electric resistance. WeelaTrainer app is your virtual personal trainer who guides you, tracks the training and gives training programs. Weela device provides resistance up to 50 kg / 110lbs. Weela is portable and bring the gym where ever you are.

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The Finnish startup company Weela has a solution for workout challenges of a busy life. The company developed Weela - a small and intelligent home gym system offering virtual personal guidance. The gym is portable and optimal for a busy or otherwise demanding lifestyle. The device needs under 1 sqm of space and is easily storable.
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Kempele "Vaikeinta oli sähköisen säädön kehittäminen sähkömoottoriin, joka on uuden kotikäyttöön tarkoitetun älykkään kuntosalilaitteen sydän", Oulun ammattikorkeakoulusta valmistunut opiskelija Miikka Kurunlahti kertoo. Hän seisoo levyn päällä, johon on kiinnitetty lieriömäinen laite. Hetken kuluttua hän vetää narua, jonka toinen pää on kiinnitetty rullalle… See more
Weela home gym - The smaller size of the average urban home means consumers often don't have extra space for exercise equipment, which is something the '...
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Working out and training your muscles is important to maintaining your health and fitness. Unfortunately, many people are too busy to make time for the gym and installing a proper gym at home could prove overly expensive. Weela presents the perfect solution to these problems. The revolutionary mobile gym that is perfect for everyone who wants to train at hom… See more
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Performance optics with bone conduction tech from AfterShokz

OptiShokz's audio sunglasses, the Revvez, feature patented AfterShokz bone conduction technology that delivers stereo sound through the ear cartilage. Hear your music and the world around you with open-ear design and premium eye protection.

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