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July 1st, 2019

Augmented Reality Solar System is a great way to explore the Solar System we live in. With a few quick taps you learn just how large everything is, or just how small Earth is. Show the planets and their orbits at their appropriate scale and be amazed.

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Visualize our Solar System in augmented reality 🌌

Our SolAR allows you to see our Solar System anywhere at all! All you do is tilt your device up and you see our whole solar system in your current setting, from your backyard to your bedroom, to wherever! It's never been more fun to learn about our Solar System!

Niv Dror
Niv Dror- VC at Shrug Capital
I love space/astronomy, this app lets you visualize the solar system in the real-world. Built by a 17 year old maker! @amitnkalra
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5 Alternatives to Our SolAR

The International Space Station, visible with the naked eye!

Have you seen the International Space Station? It is visible with the naked eye!

ISS Detector will tell you when and where to look for the ISS. You get an alarm a few minutes before a pass and the app provides an Augmented Reality view which helps you spot the station. The Chinese space stations Tiangong 1 and Tiangong 2 are also tracked.

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