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November 1st, 2018

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Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
freeCodeCamp is a great place to start - as you can tell by the name, it's totally free and they do a really good job of starting off simple and slowly adding difficulty with each lesson. I think CodeAcademy holds your hand a little too much, whereas freeCodeCamp was the right amount of difficult to allow you to learn a little more.
Mohammed Rafy
Mohammed Rafy- All things Community
This is one of the interesting platforms I came across while I was starting to code. I had already used and completed most of the resources for the web like HTML, JavaScript, CSS through Codecademy but when I came across freeCodeCamp I restarted again. It's awesome and it's free. ;)
Jose Niño Pérez
Jose Niño Pérez- Data, Tech and Social Science
The freCodeCamp community is a key asset. The newsletters and Medium posts are a great aditional resource. Depending on your interest you will find a lot of relevant content and recommendations. For instance, I am into data science and regularly get on my Medium digest well explained and analyzed resources (e.g. Check this or that MOOC for learning about Neu… See more
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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone X

Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer is a professional mobile transfer software, which can not only help you transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, calendar to new phone, but also enables you backup your phone data to PC, and restore backups to any Android or iOS devices whenever you need.

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Gihosoft Phone Transfer is an expert in Android file transfer, transfer data between all kinds of Android smartphones, like Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, etc.
If you've quite recently switched from previous Android to new iPhone 8/7/6 Plus, contacts moving ought to be one in every of your initial concerns. Just take it easy. You'll be able to jazz yourself efficiently and completely. Here are three simple and sensible methods for you to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.
Instructions on how to backup and restore Android contacts, SMS, call logs, calendar, photos, videos and music without Rooting.
Gihosoft Mobile Transfer is a powerful phone to phone transfer software lets you easily transfer contacts, music and more between mobile phones.
Apple's iPhone 8 is coming. Have you been ready for switching from Android to iPhone 8/8Plus? If so, then you will come across a situation regarding how to transfer all precious data such as photos from Android to iPhone 8/8Plus.

Flamelink is an easy-to-use CMS for Google's Firebase.

Are you a Google Firebase User looking for a slick user interface to effortlessly add and manage content for your Firebase projects?

Enter Flamelink, the content centric CMS built for Firebase.

For a limited time, Flamelink is free to get started.

Check out our beta version at We'd love to hear what you think.

Jason Mill
Jason Mill- Marketing Lead: Flamelink a Firebase CMS
It's helped the Developers that I work with give non-coding users a helpful interface to add an manage content to their Firebase projects. So developers can keep writing smoking hot code, and content managers can add and manage content to their hearts desire. It saves time, and multiple content change requests for both coders and content managers alike.

🌟Desktop Poetry Editor For Instagram Poets 😎, because thumbs ache on mobile 🌟.

While most of the poets today write with good apps like Yourquote or Instagram stories, I wanted to primarily make something for myself, since I don't use mobile for writing. This is a preliminary hacky version of the editor that I'm making.

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Artibo is designed to be that friend that is small enough to fit anywhere and also efficient enough to go anywhere you go. Artibo is for non-coders and coders alike, as you don’t ever need to code Artibo but coders can continue their coding education with ease. A variety of features makes Artibo a personal assistant that will make your life simpler

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SEOUL, South Korea, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing Cubroid's second robot project: ARTIBO. Cubroid originally launched in 2017 with its AI educational Coding Blocks and is back with a new robot for coders, non-coders, kids and adults all alike.
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