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June 1st, 2019

Create Your Mobile App for FREE. No coding required.

KickAppBuilder is SAAS platform for develop mobile applications for Small and Medium Businesses, Organizations, Agencies and Sole Entrepreneurs. We are proud to provide you super powerful Drag & Drop app builder, at low price, no coding skills required, at the same time including a set of integrations with popular platforms: PayPal, Authorize.Net

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What is the one that all small businesses struggles when they go online into mobile space? You guessed it, they have a challenge to create mobile apps which sells, promote, whether it be goods or services, using specific options like delivery or pickup, having scheduling, feedback forms, maps and so on.
Step by step guide how to create your very first mobile app and start sell products & services directly from the app. Create your app today and start making money. No coding skills needed, just bring your idea into real application from zero to a real E-Commerce app with ease, using solution for create mobile applications.
KickApp provides a range of services to help you develop mobile apps that can scale to hundreds of millions of users, and reach global audiences. With KickApp, you can quickly and easily add mobile features to your app, including user authentication, data storage, content delivery, backend logic, analytics dashboards, and push notifications - all from a sing… See more
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A Practical Approach to Microservices with Spring Boot/Cloud

Learn Microservices with Spring Boot is a practical guide to Microservices using Java, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. It starts simple, with a case study application, and then introduces the concepts with real examples as the application grows.

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The Practical Developer
Microservices are getting very popular these days. This type of software architecture has a lot of advantages like flexibility and ease at scale. Mapping them into small teams in an organization also gives a lot of efficiency in development.

From Product Management to Product Leadership: The Advanced Use Cases takes on the critical organization role of Product Management. Building upon Silicon Valley lessons in leading Product Management organizations, the book's narrative reveals the hidden thinking that links business strategy to its successful execution.

The objective of this book is to describe the optimal strategy for crafting a software solution. The content is comprehensive in its coverage, yet concise in its explanation.

The overall strategy is divided into 6 parts:

•Background Research

•Product Design

•User Interface Design

•Software Engineering Design



Tejas Mehta
Tejas Mehta- Activify
The content is comprehensive in its coverage, yet concise in its explanation. Its well-structured format should help readers get a firmer grip on it.

A different approach to understanding design patterns.

Cricket is something that I understand in and out. I can almost relate anything under the sun to a situation in cricket. Instead of using different contexts for each of the design pattern examples,I used cricketing terms for all the examples. Even for those who do not follow the game, it should not be a big effort to relate to the cricketing terms.

Structured, principled, and human-centric approaches for the challenges and opportunities all engineering managers face.

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Today is the release for An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management, a day that I've been working towards for the past year. As I understand it, this is the moment when I move from pandering for preorders to pandering for positive reviews on Amazon, so please do consider reviewing if you enjoy!
In the recent years, there has been a certain (and welcome) uptick in interest and content on the topic of engineering management. In mid-January this year, I was fortunate enough to get an early-access copy of Will Larson's new book on management - An Elegant Puzzl .
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