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August 1st, 2019

A dress shoe for the sneaker generation!

Einar is a woven leather shoe, perfect for your summer and early autumn outfits. Soft and casual as a sneaker yet elegant as a dress shoe. Based on a retro gentlemen's shoe, it's proven to be a fantastic shoe for sunny walks and shaded drinks.

It's handcrafted with a soft, woven leather upper and a very thin and flexible leather sole.

A premium loafer shoe brand for father & son

Mockas strikes the perfect balance between a loafer look and moccasins comfort, which makes it the perfect shoe to wear to every type of occasion. Mockas are available in 5 colors on Kickstarter. Every pair of Mockas are hand made with Gumi or Nubuck leather. A portion of our profits will be donated to Soles4Souls.

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Order a pair of shoes for you and your son with the Mockas Matching Father and Son Loafers. Featuring a moccasins sole, these shoes are made with quality, Order a pair of shoes for you and your son with the Mockas Matching Father and Son Loafers, featuring a moccasins sole.
Mockas is truly a family product and I am excited for families to wear and share the shoes from generation to generation. Today Mockas, a hand-crafted, premium loafer shoe brand with matching pairs for dads and kids, begins its Kickstarter campaign offering an early bird special up to 40% off.

Comfort & versatility through social responsibility

LOFS Shoes is a Spanish-based conscious company dedicated to providing quality sneakers, produced according to fair trade and labor rights.

With your support, you will receive a one of a kind sneaker while helping us grow ethically, and contributing to the local development of the Mediterranean shoe industry.

V-TEX was created as a rugged footwear option that combines the benefits of aqua shoes, the functionality of hiking shoes and comfort of urban sneakers - This allows the wearer the convenience of only bringing one pair of shoes on their travels.

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Stay dry no matter what your adventures bring with the V-TEX Waterproof High Top Shoes. Totally vegan, these impressive shoes pair exceptional comfort with practical features to keep your feet fresh and dry all day long. Extending up to cover your ankles, the V-TEX feature breathable nanotech material that is antibacterial and also waterproof.
V-TEX has created a truly waterproof high-top shoe that is designed to look great and keep your feet warm.
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The 1st waterproof hemp sneakers 🌲👟

Now on Kickstarter!
✅ Made with Hemp fibers
✅ Recycled rubber outsoles
✅ Cork Insoles
✅ 100% Waterproof
✅ 100% vegan
✅ Cool design

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Ecológicos y pro-vegan, así serán los tenis Dopekicks hechos con cannabis Sneakers hechos de cannabis, eco friendly, impermeables y pro vegan, esta es la premisa de DopeKicks. Se trata de uno tenis que se encuentran en la etapa de financiación para su producción el próximo año.
A közösségi finanszírozás legfontosabb bástyájának, a Kickstarternek köszönhetően az elmúlt években számtalan furcsa ötlet indult el a megvalósulás felé: a mobiltelefonokat helyettesítő gyűrű, a gombnyomásra melegedő felső, valamint az okos tükör, kevés projekt tűnt azonban olyan hasznosnak, mint a portugál Dopekicks-é, akik egy mindössze kenderből, újrahasz… See more
hemp shoes - DopeKicks are durable and waterproof hemp shoes that are made with strong cannabis hemp fibers. The sneakers are 100% waterproof and vegan with ins...
Meet DopeKicks, the waterproof cannabis sneaker startup. The friends behind DopeKicks first started company with one vision in mind, to build the coolest shoes that was eco-friendly, made from vegan materials, waterproof and still accessible to everyone. They may be on the verge of doing just that.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
dopekicks has launched a vegan sneaker design that uses a specially processed hemp to make them completely waterproof.
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