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March 1st, 2019

Sketch plugin to make your responsive designs more efficient

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BREAKING NEWS: If you're a Sketch fan, Daniel has just released his first book for SitePoint. Check out Jump Start Sketch! Some of Sketch App's most impressive functionality is derived from the Sketch community of developers.
The many add-ons for Sketch make it one of the best options for UI designers on Mac. It's much simpler to learn than Photoshop and over 60% cheaper. Those
13 Alternatives to Fluid for Sketch

Darin Ji
Darin Ji- Product Manager,Tencent
David Baruchel
David Baruchel- Founder, CaptainParrot & Start The F* Up
Add icons from Font Awesome, Material Design, and other icon fonts libraries directly in Sketch. Faster than any drag and drop from Noun-Project. And it behaves like a font, not SVG.

Manage and sync your Sketch plugins

Sketchpacks is a macOS desktop app that allows you to easily manage and sync your Sketch plugins across machines and teams. Browse Discover the latest and greatest plugins from a community-driven Sketch plugin registry.

Chris Messina
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
Sort of a meta-product, but Sketchpacks and Sketch Runner are two great tools for managing and using Sketch plugins.
Adam Kirkwood
Adam Kirkwood- Creator of @sketchpacks
Simple and powerful Sketch plugin management that gets out of your way. ⚡️ Auto-updates. Near real-time updates straight from your favorite Sketch Developers. 🔒 Version Locking to ensure your favorite Sketch plugins don't break unexpectedly. 📦 Import & Export. Share your sketchpack with your friends and teammates.
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Step 1: Export your Managed Library You can start by exporting your sketchpack to any directory that is managed by your favorite file syncing service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. Go ahead and name your sketchpack whatever you like: summer-jams-2017.sketchpack.
Release Notes Since the last release, we've been heads-down addressing some much needed improvements, fixes, and nifty additions. With the improvements to the Sketchpacks API and macOS App, we're now able to identify plugins that you have already installed.
Sketch Hunt
A while back, Sketch Toolbox was a handy way to find and install Sketch plugins. However, an inability to track and manage available updates to individual plugins (plus a lack of updates to the Toolbox app itself) has made it feel like an abandoned project.
Sketch App Hub
Powerful plugin management without the complexity. Browse, manage, and auto-update your Sketch plugins from the menu bar. Auto-updates Keep your plugins up to date with the latest release served by the Sketchpacks Registry. Version Locking Don't let unexpected compatibility issues break your workflow. Lock plugins at specific versions.
CSS Author
The sketch is the new and powerful user interface design from Bohemian Coding. Sketch attain great popularity among user interface designers since it released. Today sketch is the moat discussed design tool for designers and developers. Apart from Photoshop Sketch is more focused for UI and icon designers.

Build beautiful patterns and illustrations, the way you want

David Adamu
David Adamu- Maker. Product Designer @Andela
Looper is super awesome for creating complex patterns - mostly referred to as 'Processing'. I use Looper a lot and you should definitely check it out - It's free.
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