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July 1st, 2019

Mixture of city builder, survival & society simulation

The world of Frostpunk imagines what culture and society would look like in a dangerous frozen world where steam-powered technology has been developed in order to fend off the inescapable cold. According to its developer, Frostpunk will feature "complex and demanding gameplay" where players will face tough moral choices.

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Frostpunk is part city-builder and part survival game, and we've already seen some of the tough moral choices you may encounter as leader of the last society on a frozen Earth.
Tom's Hardware
In Frostpunk, you and a small group of people gathered around a massive mechanical heating pillar called the Generator. The world is in the midst of an endless winter that arrived (and stayed) after a devastating event at the end of the 19th century.
Niche Gamer
Polish developer 11 Bit Studios (This War of Mine) has revealed the first gameplay for their upcoming survival-city builder, Frostpunk. Featured above, the debut gameplay for the PC title shows off the game's post-apocalyptic, artic wasteland - as well as the moral decisions you'll have to make to ensure the survival of the human race....

Take your bike and find your own path down mountains.

Take your bike and find your own path down unspoiled mountains in this arcade-style mountain biking game for Windows, Mac and Linux 🚵.

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill is an upcoming third-person mountain biking game with a minimalist direction in more than just its art style. There are no fans or structures along the mountain roads, just you, the trees, and the wind in your polygonal hair.
Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game that looks really chill. It's just you and your bike. Oh, and some mountains. You're not constrained to any particular path. You choose how you want to explore. Nature, it turns out, is neat like that.
Rock Paper Shotgun
I'm not much of a cyclist, so although the daredevil in me likes the idea of hurtling through a forest on two wheels at breakneck speed, wind rushing in my ears, it'll probably never happen. The closest I'll get might just be be Lonely Mountains: Downhill [official site], an upcoming mountain biking game that I [...]
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Survive, mine, craft in a free sandbox game. Explore worlds.

RealmCraft is a Construction & Block Building Game with 3D Procedurally Generated World.

The game offers two modes – Survival & Creative.


• Huge world to explore in minecraft style;

• Craft and destroy everything;

• Build a shelter/go deep into the mines;

• Fight enemies to survive;

• Creative mode to set your imagination free.

The first story-based Fantasy Chess game on Steam.

Chessaria is a fantasy game that combines Chess battles, puzzles and story-based missions. The game was funded on Kickstarter in late 2016 and released earlier this year on Steam (Pc/Mac).

- Game Modes: Solo Campaign // Online Multiplayer // Local Quick Games vs friends or A.I.

- 2800+ Elo Chess Engine developed by PhD Enrique S. Acosta.

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It's such a simple premise that I'm surprised we haven't seen more games with it. Chess combined with turn-based combat is a match made in heaven. Chessaria takes that combination and runs with it, making a comprehensive experience that includes an adventure mode and a generous selection of quick game modes.
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Game development simulation game mixed with a city builder

January 1975, you have created your video game company. You are renting a tight place that allows you to develop your first game. Quickly, your games are successful and you already have to move, but it is up to you to cross the city to pick up your next local.

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There's a few games that allow you to run your own company, with City Game Studio [ Official Site] allowing you to build up your own video game company. Originally due for release last month, they've pushed back the release until October this year as they don't wish to cut out any features.
The developer of City Game Studio [ Steam, Official Site] sent a message about their new sandbox management game, it sounds pretty good and it was developed on Linux. The developer told me they've been using Inkscape, Krita, Godot Engine, GIMP and also Blender to build the game.
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