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November 1st, 2018

A Simple SEO Tool for Finding Junk URLs in Google's Index

The Cruft Finder is an easy SEO tool that helps you find junk URLs and low-quality pages in Google's index. It is built within Google Sheets, and everyone gets their own copy to play with.

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This guide provides instructions on how to do a content audit using examples and screenshots from Screaming Frog, URL Profiler, Google Analytics (GA), and Excel, as those seem to be the most widely used and versatile tools for performing content audits.
This is Everett's deck from MozTalk Denver, Content Edition, in 2016 in which he discusses how to prune cruft from your website to improve sitewide quality ind...
OnCrawl : Onsite SEO monitoring tool
Is Your Website Sinking? This Strategy Might Save It. One of the use cases for OnCrawl is performing a Content Inventory and Audit. A common action-item from these audits is the recommendation to remove (or prune) various pages from Google's index.

Create a unique web experience for each of your users

Adapti is a tool to help you create a unique web experience for each of your users.

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Le Quotidien
L'entreprise a développé un service de personnalisation de sites web en temps réel en fonction du profil du visiteur. Rencontre avec Antoine Granjon et Bastian Jakobsen, les cofondateurs de la start-up installée au Lux Future Lab. On ne peut pas y échapper. Et tout un chacun en a déjà fait l'expérience.
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Antoine Granjon, Adapti CEO:- Initially, we had been looking for office space around Luxembourg. Thanks to the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg being so well connected, Diego De Biasio from Technoport suggested the Fit 4 Start programme to us.
In June 2016, Antoine Granjon and Bastian Jakobsen founded a start-up offering a boutique service enabling websites to personalise content and design based on the profile of the user in real time. We caught up with the start-up's founders.
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What Anchor Text Should I Use? [Solved] takes the manual process of analyzing and classifying anchor text profiles of your competitors, and automates it. Then it allows you to build out and track ,

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