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January 1st, 2019

A STEM-focused fashion line & community for curious girls

ATOMIC by Design is a clothing line and community for girls and women who aren't afraid to wear their smarts on their sleeve. They produce bold shirts, dresses, and accessories centered around the 118 atomic elements. ATOMIC squad lets curious girls find their tribe, with live chats with female scientists and monthly science project ideas.

4 Alternatives to ATOMIC by Design

Personal Museum of Rare and Unusual Objects

Beginning with amino acids captured during the birth of the solar system, the Fourth Edition of the Mini Museum is an all-new journey spanning billions of years across time, space, and life.

An educational, science based storybook - “Project Grabbity”

Based on my curious children growing up I decided to create a fictional story.

The Wonder Why Society - a group of kids with inquisitive, young minds who explore the world in their den, going on wild adventures to answer the world's biggest questions. I began this journey by writing an exciting educational adventure book "Project Grabbity".

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