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July 1st, 2019

Links, locations & posts of brands that reflect your circle

People enjoy discovering new shopping experiences, but for many it’s difficult finding experiences they can trust.

Our app makes it fun & simple to discover, bookmark & share recommended shopping experiences (links, locations & social media posts) from those who share similar social & cultural circles as you.

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Black Enterprise
Title III, Regulation CF rules, allows a private company to raise money from anyone through equity crowdfunding So many new startups seek venture capital to finance their companies but Spendwith, a social impact company focused on increasing commerce within cultures, is taking a different approach.

Track how and when your documents are read by your contacts

Tilkee is a cloud-based app that optimises prospect follow-up by tracking sales proposals and marketing content and predicting sales. Tilkee analyses your prospects' reading behaviour to help you precisely gauge their interest and their willingness to sign, all in real time!

Orange, EDF, Veolia and Adecco all use Tilkee!

We developed Nimble Prospector because email and phone remain the top channels for prospecting and engagement. Use Prospector to easily discover contact information like email, phone, job title, company, education, and other social qualified prospects in seconds.

Nimble Prospector is available in our web app and our Smart Contacts App extension.

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Meet Nimble Prospector - The Simply Smarter Way to Prospect We developed Nimble Prospector because email and phone remain the top channels for prospecting and engagement. We designed our new Nimble Prospector feature to give sales, marketing, and business development professionals an easy way to discover contact information such as email and phone numbers fo… See more
Small Business Trends
Small businesses sales teams can qualify and connect with prospects to build their sales funnel faster using 's AI-enabled Prospector. With Nimble's newest sales intelligence feature, you simply hover over any contact name on social media or websites and Prospector will discover their email, phone number, job title, company, location, social profiles, and ad… See more
CRM Magazine
Nimble Prospector offers email, phone, address, and contact enrichment. Nimble, a provider of social sales and marketing CRM systems, today introduced Nimble Prospector, a contact discovery and enrichment engine that uses artificial intelligence to build and update prospect records, including verified business emails, phone numbers, and addresses to comprehe… See more

Grow your business with Saleslift for Salesforce

Saleslift for Salesforce allows users to segment from over 15M leads and 10M accounts and import to their CRM in 1-click. The predictive prospector leverages AI and machine learning and provide you with intelligent recommendations based on hundreds of data sources to build qualified leads.

Create a unique web experience for each of your users

Adapti is a tool to help you create a unique web experience for each of your users.

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Le Quotidien
L'entreprise a développé un service de personnalisation de sites web en temps réel en fonction du profil du visiteur. Rencontre avec Antoine Granjon et Bastian Jakobsen, les cofondateurs de la start-up installée au Lux Future Lab. On ne peut pas y échapper. Et tout un chacun en a déjà fait l'expérience.
Trade and Invest
Antoine Granjon, Adapti CEO:- Initially, we had been looking for office space around Luxembourg. Thanks to the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg being so well connected, Diego De Biasio from Technoport suggested the Fit 4 Start programme to us.
In June 2016, Antoine Granjon and Bastian Jakobsen founded a start-up offering a boutique service enabling websites to personalise content and design based on the profile of the user in real time. We caught up with the start-up's founders.
8 Alternatives to Adapti

IPFingerprint identifies ready-to-buy businesses visiting online and what they're interested in so your sales team can turn visitors into business. Because we're bespoke, we detect visitors automated solutions miss. We empower clients to maximise marketing ROI, become data self-sufficient, and make profitable use of 'passive traffic'.

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This White Paper examines how website visitor-tracking can fully harness your website's potential by identifying the visiting businesses hiding in your 'passive traffic' that are ready-to-buy, taking an interest in your offering, but not breaking cover. Read the White Paper to find out why website visitor-tracking is becoming a popular way of improving inbou… See more

Automatic powerful 2-way contact sync with FullContact

PieSync now integrates FullContact with all your other cloud apps for an automatic 2-way contacts sync. Every time you add or update a contact in FullContact, it is automatically synced with the other app, and vice versa - no more import/export!

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The new FullContact integration to PieSync allows customers to easily connect contact data to CRM and other enterprise applications, supplying fast, efficient updates and enrichment. DENVER (PRWEB) February 01, 2018 FullContact, the leader in customer intelligence, today announced its seamless integration with PieSync, which provides two-way cloud app intell… See more

Easy and simple T-shirt Printing Fulfilment integration

Our platform is available for a vast range of shops. Register here to create your FREE TRIAL. Connect your store, set up your products and get ready to sell! Don't worry about anything, contact us and we’ll personally help you with everything.

Connecting shoppers, venues, vendors & local events globally

Connecting & transforming the way shoppers, vendors, venues & local events engage worldwide to create a platform that is beneficial and prosperous for all! Now buyers and exhibitors easily find, attend and visit trade shows, fairs, festivals, retreats, seminars, workshops, summits, conferences & conventions all while selling products online 24/7!

Revolutionizing the sales presentation process

A new way to share your product presentations to potential customers. Rather than sending PowerPoint decks or numerous pieces of content in an email, upload everything into one presentation where you can collaborate and message buyers within. Users receive analytics on every buyer and what content they engage with.

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Sales Presentation Software
Download the Full Whitepaper Below Rep asks a question Buyer answers the question Rep makes a statement about how they have a solution Buyer responds / reflects "what kind of effects does this have?" "can you elaborate on that a bit more?" "what happens if you don't make a change?"
Before your sales call you may be feeling a few things: anxiety, nerves, curiosity... all of these feelings are good. Setting up for a sales call should feel similar to "pregame jitters". You should be prepared for your call or presentation, but also nervous as every sales call (like every game) ha...
If you're in sales and you haven't read Andy Raskin's post called "The Greatest Sales Deck I've Ever Seen", stop what you are doing right now and go read it. The post will take you less than 10 minutes to read, and it will reshape the way you look at sales and presentations moving forward.

Grow your business and your community with Instagram !

iLead is THE chrome extension for PRO Instagram users, it will :

🤖 Accelerate the organic growth of your audience

🤖 Retrieve business e-mail addresses & phone numbers of every business profil



🚀 Hack your growth

A platform for artists serious about business.

The Art of Selling Art is a platform for mentoring artists on business and sales strategies. I present this content as the work I am doing for my own art business. I share what I am doing, how and why, and how the members can adapt and apply these things to their art business. Check out the landing page for TASA and my TEDX talk on the home page.

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Welcome to Episode 079 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Jason Matias! Jason Matias is a fine art photographer based in Bellvue, Washington. Jason has been working hard behind the scenes to help other photographers sell their photography through his online masterclass "the art of selling art."
The world of fine art photography exists in the lofty shadows of the photography industry, it's secrets hidden behind an air of elite mystery. While endless tutorials on how to make a living as a portrait photographer can be found with a quick google search, how to make a living as a fine art photographer remains a more nebulous subject.
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