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July 1st, 2018


Kanban Software for Lean Management

Kanbanize was born out of necessity for higher productivity and efficiency.

Pavel Naydenov- Online Marketing Expert SEM/SEO
It is a great product. Really flexible and full of features. Analytics panel where you can forecast future work. Plenty of integrations with other tools. I will say it is a bit more complex because of its many features, but it is user friendly, so people can adapt easy. Free trial is available for 30 days.
Dima Moroz- Digital Marketer
Much more powerful than most of the Kanban-centered apps. Has workflow automation rules, boards & swimlanes, email integration and powerful analytics suite powered by ActionableAgile™
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Abivin vRoute

Dynamic Route Optimization Software for enterprises

Dynamic route optimization software that plan the optimal routes for trucks and bikes under many constraints in time frames and order weight or volume. The system is included with a fleet management system to keep track of your vehicle locations and routing conditions.


Legal Documents for Startups.

Create contracts and other documents for your organization the easiest way.

Ramesh Ghimire- CEO @ Doctual
It will save you thousands of legal costs and hours but I do not use it because I am the inventor of this online legal paperwork platform.
Ramesh Ghimire- CEO @ Doctual
No legal knowledge required. Platform customises the document based on your answers to simple questions. Conversational interface. Almost free!
What are users saying about Legal Document Online? Read real Legal Document Online reviews, pricing information and what features it offers.
Answer: Legal documents, contracts are necessary and Lawyer's are expensive. There are a lot of online platform but most of them are template based and very hard to follow. Doctual App is very easy to use platform. You answer few questions to create a document. Prices are very cheap.
Business Card Design
Best Design of Business Card Templates Shareholders Agreement Great Doctual Create Agreements Sign Amp Manage Docs Using Ai Based. This awesome picture collections about Shareholders Agreement Great Doctual Create Agreements Sign Amp Manage Docs Using Ai Based is available to download. We collect this awesome picture from internet and choose the best for you… See more
Law Hackers - Freshly baked and seasoned by David Bushby at Lexoo. If you think a friend might like it, please forward :) They can sign up here.
Helsinki, Finland: Doctual Ltd., a Helsinki based company that has built an intelligent cloud platform for legal paperwork workflow automation from drafting contracts to online signing and management. The company is going to introduce the system to a crowd of startups, entrepreneurs, lawyers and other startup-ecosystem members on Friday evening at Maria 01 i… See more

Briq for Slack

Engage your team with easy daily recognition

Briq is on a mission: help teams build a unique company culture in minutes, not years! 👫👭

Briq lets you show recognition thanks to virtual credits with a simple Slack command. Celebrate small and big wins, engage your teammates, and spread recognition in your company every single day.

Axel Le Pennec- Product Guy, Partner eFounders
Thanks to its simplicity, Briq is a really powerful tool to boost employee engagement and reinforce recognition in a company.
Bastien Jorge- Hacker, eFounders
Our team also uses briq every day, and everyone loves it. I'm pretty sure the working atmosphere would not have been the same if we wouldn't have it.
Jonathan Costet- Marketing & Content Manager
We use Briq on Slack to reward each other with small tokens of recognition every day. It's become our go-to way of saying "thanks!", "great job", or even "happy birthday"! Team members can then redeem their Briqs against rewards in line with company values and culture (for instance, we have gym memberships, team lunches, and air pods 🤗).
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Track how and when your documents are read by your contacts

Tilkee is a cloud-based app that optimises prospect follow-up by tracking sales proposals and marketing content and predicting sales. Tilkee analyses your prospects' reading behaviour to help you precisely gauge their interest and their willingness to sign, all in real time!

Orange, EDF, Veolia and Adecco all use Tilkee!


Continuous Hack Prevention for Online Applications

AppTrana is a managed & affordable security as a service solution for web applications


Engage with customers & apply the data to marketing

With InQ.Social widgets and services you interact with your website visitors in the moment, in a personal way. Ask questions and capture their feedback. Track specific behaviour and store it as actionable insights. Create a custom experience for different groups of visitors, based on their interests.

Easily integrates into any website!

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Weekly Timelog

Automatic time tracker for developers

It automatically records DEVELOPER's activity while helping MANAGERS collect team's timelogs, handle booking, budget & invoicing.


Because developers have to deal with multiple tasks per day, and accurately reporting time takes a lots of effort. This is the first real automated activity tracker, that make is easy to confirm and submit time.

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