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December 1st, 2017


Get paid when you're delayed!

If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked you could get up to $680!

Few things are more dreadful than dealing with airline customer service. Fortunately, there's a startup that wants to make those calls for you. For hassle-free travel, is raising $12 million in Series A funding from a group of investors, including Khosla Ventures and Evan Williams .
Don't get me wrong: I'm all about buying American. In fact, I'll go out of my way to search for items made in the USA and will even pay more for American-made products. But when it comes to buying airfare to foreign destinations, I think twice.
When an airline bumps us from a flight or delays us for hours on end, most of us accept our meager meal vouchers and swallow our pride. A bold few might actually file a claim for compensation, but when an airline either fails to answer the claim or rejects it outright, those passengers usually give up, too.
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Make your teamwork better

Philipp Bohn- VP Circuit and CEO blueKiwi software
With Circuit you can collaborate with you team via voice, video, screen share, messaging and files on one app, available for iOS, Android, browser and desktop app. Content and capabilities are consistent and in sync across mobile and desktop app.
Andreas Specht
Combines all multimedia (Collaboration, Desktop Sharing, messaging, files upoload, download and much more) Also you can have public conversation (community) or private conversation. I cannot imagine today my work without this tool. And of course useful to communicate also with your collegues when you are at home, on holiday or elsewhere.
Darren Gallagher
Allows me to work collaboratively in high fidelity with a massively distributed workforce.
Mark- Startup Marketing Director
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A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

With the motto “Build great teams together,” Recruitee offers an all-in-one hiring platform that helps teams of all sizes optimize their hiring process: from candidate relationship management, employer branding, job posting, candidate sourcing, to applicant tracking, and anything in-betweens.

Beth Hudson- Social Media Marketer, Recruitee
User-friendly, effective ATS (Applicant Tracking System)!
Beth Hudson- Social Media Marketer, Recruitee
Not a lot of businesses realize the impact that employer brand has on their overall reputation as a company. That's where Recruitee comes in. I work with them, but I honestly think their careers site editor produces some of the coolest looking job sites out there! The folks are also really knowledgeable, so reach out anytime to talk about employer reputation… See more
Beth Hudson- Social Media Marketer, Recruitee
Recruitee is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that streamlines the recruitment process! Here's a free trial:
Perry Oostdam- Founder
Thanks @vingar! I'll checkout Vinishgarg to see what can be improved! We had to rush the site a bit, so we'll give it some more time in the upcoming weeks.
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Kittyhawk 2.0

Flight logging and intelligence for drone operators

jonathan- Maker / Founder @kittyhawkio
Howdy PH. Co-Founder of Kittyhawk here :) We're building Kittyhawk as the platform of record for drones -- meaning individual pilots and teams can track their flights, drones, assets. And with all of that info, we layer in a ton of predictive intelligence such as KP weather alerts, TFRs from the FAA. Basically there is a ton being built around drones whil… See more
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Solid for iOS

The app for productive and actionable meetings

Romain David- co-founder, Wisembly
Hi there, I’m Romain, CEO of Solid. With Solid, our goal is to alleviate meeting pains by automating their boring parts. We also put a lot of focus into improving important aspects of every meeting, especially with the note­taking experience. We created a smooth interface that allows to take notes, quickly create and assign action items, and mark decisions a… See more
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Woises - A Tool crafted for product managers to simplify the workflow and manage all the requests in a single window.

Manjunath Iyer- Looking out for cool products
Simple and powerful. Syncs with JIRA Software or can work independently. No BS tool for product management.
Hello Product managers there, could you relate to some of these from your experience as a Product Manager? Here are the 5 takeaways from Vikram Singh (Product Manager, CISCO) Original Post: https:...
From the early days of PeerIndex we've been running as a (very) lean startup. This has taught me some lessons about the practice of Product Management in lean startup environments. This is less about the use of customer development tools and finding product market fit but rather about some tips and tricks that made my life easier.
Continuous improvement, or Kaizen, is a method of identifying opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste. The practice was formalized by the popularity of Lean/Kaizen methods in manufacturing and business, and now it is being heavily used in Software/IT industry, thanks to adoption of lean and agile product development methodologies.
"CX" and "UX" are common buzzwords in the industry. "Customer Experience" (CX) and "User Experience" (UX), they both sound quite similar, but they are not same! Although CX and UX are different, they need to converge and work together for customer success! WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE (UX)?


A complete Project management solution for teams!

Nandini Sharma- Marketing Engineer
ProofHub is an online collaboration and project management tool to manage your projects effectively. With ProofHub, your teams, clients and all the project communication stays in one place. There's no need of investing in too many different tools to run your business. Our project management software makes it easy to create plans, collaborate with teams and c… See more
Nandini Sharma- Marketing Engineer
You can get to know the the progress of project in just one look with features like Gantt Charts and Reports. The reports feature allows everyone to get a fair idea about which direction the project is moving in. Are deadlines being taken care of? How much time is one project taking? Is it taking too long? All these queries can be answered by looking at the … See more
Nandini Sharma- Marketing Engineer
With ProofHub all of your clients, staff members and projects stay in a central place and can access the project discussions, files, milestones, to-do lists, etc. You get full control to manage which clients and staff members can access the specific projects. With this tool, you can easily communicate and collaborate on projects, manage files, contacts, mile… See more

Front for iOS

The first inbox for teams

Mathilde Collin- CEO, Frontapp
Hi, Product Hunters! I’m the co-founder and CEO of Front and I'm super excited to share our new iOS app with the Product Hunt community! 3 years ago, we started Front with the vision of creating the first inbox for teams. Today we’re bringing this vision to the mobile world, where most email clients are still single player tools. The app is packed with all … See more
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WakingApp Realities

Easy DIY AR / VR content creation platform

Eddie Israelsky- AR/VR/MR
Hi, Product Hunt! First than anything, thanks a lot to @sanemavcil ! :D I would like to introduce to you WakingApp's ENTiTi! WakingApp's mission is to build and grow the VR & AR ecosystems by providing the tools for businesses to create interactive and advanced content, and enabling the use of cutting-edge technology such as viewers, cameras, head mou… See more
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Zoho Desk

Context-aware help desk software for better customer service

Ben Carew- Growth marketer
We're using Zoho Desk and find it intuitive and easy to use. It obviously helps if you also use Zoho CRM and their web chat widget SalesIQ
Ramon- Startup Enthusiast
Simple yet powerful
Pavithra Krishnaswamy
Hello ProductHunt! First off, thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. We're excited to be launching Zoho Desk, the industry's first context-aware help desk software. For businesses that want to put the focus back on the customer, Zoho Desk is the way to go. Starting from the way an agent's ticket list looks, existing help desk software fails to highlight the be… See more
The inspiration to build Zoho Desk came from within. At Zoho, we deal with over 25 million users and their tickets often required collaboration between people from sales, marketing and engineering - all separated by distance - different buildings, cities or even continents.
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The smart platform for professional websites and blogs.

We spoke to lots of creators & heard an enormous number of pain points & observed that websites as we know them are kind of dumb. We wanted to create a smart publishing platform that would allow publishers to not only create incredible content, but to optimize for performance.
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